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50 DIY Summer Wreaths To Celebrate The Sun With

Spring is in full spring and soon summer will be on the horizon. Start grabbing some inspiration on how to pay homage to the season with some simple, at-home projects. These 50 DIY summer wreaths will top off your house quite nicely and have you celebrating the sun and warm weather with.

1. Banana Leaf

Diy crepe banana leaf wreath

This banana leaf wreath was made with crepe paper from Persia Lou. We love the pop of green and soft textural flair.

2. Tulips & Hydrangeas

Tulip and hydrangea summer wreath diy

Free Borboleta mixed up tulips and hydrangeas and created a beautiful, warm weathered welcome for the front door. And you can go with colors that inspire you not just pink or purple.

3. Pineapples

Diy pineapple wreath

This pineapple wreath from Twinspiration is just too charming. Grab all of the details after the jump!

4. Felt Succulents

Diy felt succulent wreath

Have you worked with felt before? Sarah Hearts made this sweet succulents out of it and you can too!

5. Wallpaper

Diy wallpaper flower wreath

Check out this super innovative idea from The House the Lars Built. Who knew wallpaper could be turned into something so stunning!

6. Woven Blanket

Diy woven blanket wreath

Persia Lou used a woven blanket as its source of inspiration involving their new, DIY wreath. It’s a fun texture and we love the modern color combination.

7. Geo Florals

Diy geo floral wreath

Paper & Stitch made a geometric floral wreath for the front door. It’s creative, it pays homage to the season but its unique shape really sets it apart from the rest.

8. Paper Daffodil

Paper daffodil wreath diy

Classic Play! used paper in the making of their summertime wreath. Learn how to create daffodils from scraps after the jump.

9. Rainbow

Rainbow wreath tutorial

Do you love color? Over at Lines Across you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to make a rainbow-filled treat for your front door.

10. Initials

Summer initial wreath title page stonegbleblog com

Add some initials to your creation! Stone Gable gives us all the details behind this family-inspired, summertime design.

11. Paper Umbrellas

Paper umbreall wreath diy

Who knew those paper umbrellas we like to stick in our drinks could be used to make something so fun and flirty. We love all these creative ideas! (via)

12. Baseball

Diy baseball wreath

It’s baseball season! Get inspired by How To Nest For Less and this baseball beauty that they’re decorating their door with.

13. Watermelon

Diy watermelon wreath

This watermelon wreath from Craft Create Cook can be a fun project to take under. Flowers aren’t the only way to decorate for summertime!

14. Garden Hose

Diy garden hose

Gardening Ideas showed off this adorable garden hose design that we instantly fell in love with. What better way to decorate for the season than with this?

15. Seashells

Shell rope summer wreath diy

Completely Coastal featured this seashell design that we were inspired by too. Summertime is prime beach time and that means you can sprinkle some seaside charm around the house.

16. Hot Air Balloon

Diy hot air balloon wreath

The Happy Scraps whipped up this hot air balloon cutie and offered up a great tutorial to go along with it. Grab all the details after the jump.

17. Plush Floral

Diy plush floral spring wreath

Rachel Elizabeth created this gorgeous, plush floral design that we are absolutely swooning over. If you’d like something a bit more romantic, then jump on over and grab the details.

18. Green Apple

Diy green apple wreath

Living & Green gathered up some green to make this monochromatic beauty come to life. Start out with green apples and go from there.

19. Cupcake Liners

Summer cupcake liner wreath diy

Cupcake liners are at the heart of this I Heart Naptime nautical design. Take a dive into this tutorial and snag the details now.

20. Fabric Buds

Fabric spring wreath

The Thinking Closet grabbed some pretty fabric and whipped up this cutie. We love its delicate style and summertime nature.

21. Scraps

Diy fabric scrap wreath

If you have lots of scraps laying around the craft room, put them to good use. Make a colorful, textural piece to welcome your guests with at the front door. (via)

22. House Number

Diy house number wreath

Of course you could use your house number as inspiration in your design. That’s what One Dog Wreath did and it works!

23. Pinwheels

Diy pinwheel wreath

Capital B utilized pinwheels in their summertime wreath design. We love how you can get really colorful with this one!

24. Summer Breeze

Summer breeze wreath diy

A summer breeze may be the best thing about the season. Use this craft piece as inspiration for yourself and your own creativity. (via)

25. Spring Paper

Diy spring paper wreath

Doodlcecraft used paper for their summertime-inspired wreath as well. Hop on over and see how it was created now!

26. Under $10

Summer wreath diy under 10

You don’t even have to spend a bunch of money on your DIY wreath. This beauty was made without spending more than $10! (via)

27. Color Rosettes

Diy color rosettes

Check out these pretty, colorful rosettes from Kiki & Company! Use it on the wall or in a foyer display like you see here.

28. Petals & a Bird

Spring birdie wreath diy

How To Best For Less created this beautiful floral wreath that’s perfect for the warmer weathered months. And the addition of the sweet little bird just punches up the charm.

29. Bicycle

Wreath summer bicycle diy

Who loves riding their bike in the summertime? Take that inspiration like Craft-o-Maniac did and make a wreath around the memory!

30. Sunflowers

Diy summer sunflower wreath

Cupcake-N-Bake used bandanas and sunflowers in their design and we love the contrast. It’s easy to create, just snag the details after the jump.

31. Twigs & Such

Diy summer twig flower wreath

Some twigs and flowers can be used to make a traditional, summer-inspired wreath for the front door too. One Red Shoe has the details behind this one.

32. Plank

Nautical summer wreath diy

Porch made a planked wreath with all kinds of nautical-inspired goodies. It’s the perfect way to top off your summer beach house!

33. Hydrangeas

Diy hydrangea wreath

This hydrangea wreath is a stunner. We love how delicate and romantic these petals are too. (via)

34. Colorful Petals

Paper flower rainbow wreath for st patrick s day

The House That Lars Built used crepe paper and made bunches of colorful flowers for their modern wreath design. It’s full of tropical flair!

35. Tulips

Diy tulip summer wreath

The Frugal Homemaker designed their wreath around their love for tulips. It’s a bit more lush and filled than some of the other designs, which we’re drawn to!

36. Living Succulents

Diy living succulent wreath

You can even use some living succulents in your summertime wreath design. Pretty Prudent has all the directions behind this pretty piece.

37. Fiesta Honeycomb

Diy fiesta wreath with honeycomb balls 2

are you having a fiesta in the backyard anytime soon? Check out this inspired design over at Design Improvised to snag the details.

38. Moss

Floral moss wreath diy

Live Laugh Rowe went with something a bit simpler. Include you family’s name and moss for a nature-inspired, subdued design.

39. Balloons

Balloon wreath diy

Growing Up Gabel gathered up a bunch of balloons for their wreath design. This is a great idea when it comes to pool parties or any other kinds of summertime celebrations!

40. Burlap & Tulle

Burlap and tulle wreath diy

Gather up your burlap and tulle scraps to whip up this rustic wreath. Create and Babble has the tutorial you need to follow.

41. Life Ring

Coastal decor life ring wreath a tutorial anextraordinaryday net

A life preserver can be used as a wreath too! If you’re going with a nautical theme this summer, this is the pick for you! (via)

42. Crochet Flower

Diy crochet flower wreath

Doodlcecraft crocheted some flowers and made a wreath out of them. If you know how to crochet, dive into this project by the weekend!

43. Nautical

Diy nautical wreath

Here’s another nautical design that we’re loving. Decorate the doors with a beach vibe by adding some stripes and an anchor to the mix. (via)

44. Fabric Balls

Diy fabric ball wreath

Making It Fun grabbed some balls and grabbed some fabric to make this fun and flirty wreath design. We love how playful the project is.

45. Forest

Minimal spring living wreath diy

This modern, forest-inspired wreath from Earnest Home Co. is another one of our favorites on the list. It’s both simple and refined.

46. With Stripes

Diy floral spring wreath with stripes

Dwell Beautiful contrasted popping, colorful petals with black and white stripes.  Check out the tutorial after the jump.

47. Spring Minis

Diy spring mini flower wreath

These mini flowers are oh so charming and girlish, don’t you think? Lovelies in My Life made a boho-flavored wreath out of them that we’re loving.

48. Accordion Paper

Diy accordion fold paper wreath

The Craft Patch utilized accordion paper for their wreath design and we love this too! It’s another paper craft that you can get lost in this weekend.

49. Sunny Days

Diy sunny days wreath

Persia Lou did something a bit more modern that works for the summer as well. It’s geometric and trendy too!

50. Lemons

Lemon wreath diy

And finally, here’s another fruity wreath that caught our eye. Gather some lemons and get creative. (via)

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