DIY Wine Cork Floral Wreath – How to Make a Floral Wreath Out of Wine Corks

Floral wreaths are a wonderful addition to your home at any time during the year and creating one yourself, one that never dies, will cheer you up quite a bit. You can also gift them to friends and family.

By Jon Doe

Whether you choose to hang it on the outside of your door or somewhere in the home it remains up to you, but we think it would suit either location.

Supplies Wine corks Round wood board Knife Yellow Pink, green, and yellow acrylic paint Paintbrush Scissors Silk ribbon Felt butterfly Glue gun

Let's make DIY Wine Cork Floral Wreath

Step 1

Paint the round wood board: The round wood board will serve as the base for your floral wreath. Before you start creating the actual wreath, you should paint it so it looks pretty and cheerful.

Step 2

Cut the wine corks in half: For the next step, you’ll want to take your wine corks and the knife and to start cutting them in half. Please make sure that you’re cutting them right down the middle, so they’re all roughly the same size.

Step 3

Cut wood cork slices: It’s not just wine cork halves that you’ll need, but also some slices. Make sure you use a couple of corks to create these slices.

Step 4

Paint the wine cork halves pink: Now it’s time to get the pink acrylic paint and the paintbrush out. Paint about half the wine corks pink.

Step 5

Paint the wine cork slices yellow: Next, you want to create the middle of the flowers. Usually, even when you color out a picture, that’s going to be yellow, so that’s what we’re going to use here.

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