Glam White Christmas Tree Trimmed Decorations With Green Ornaments

Today we are sharing a simple tutorial for how to transform things that you already have to create a modern sage green themed Christmas tree.

By Jon Doe

Yes, you’ll need to purchase the tree itself if you don’t already have an artificial white one – but you might just have everything else.

Materials Needed Old ornaments Light green/blue spray paint Sage green wired ribbon, 2 spools Sage green yarn scraps 5×5″ piece of cardboard Scissors

Let's make Glam White Christmas Tree Trimmed Decorations

Step 1

Begin by spray painting the old ornaments to your desired color scheme. I went with a mix of aqua and sage green.

Step 2

Next, you’ll make some tassels for your tree. Begin wrapping your scrap yarn around the cardboard until you have a fairly thick layer.

Step 3

Cut through the yarn on one end, and keep it folded in half.

Step 4

Place a 12″ piece of yarn through the spot where it folds and then tie another piece about an inch down from the fold as shown above. Wrap the tails around that point over and over again and then tie off the end.

Step 5

Next, wrap the ribbon around your tree as if it were a garland. I also added a couple of silver accents that I already had lying around, including silver bell ornaments and a string of silver beads. Add the spray painted ornaments and the yarn tassels, and your tree is complete!

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