Flower Wall Decor From Recycled Toilet Paper Roll

There are different unique ways to decorate your wall. Most times, store-bought wall Décor can look too regular and be boring.

By Jon Doe

If you need an art project with a bit of modern flair to give your space that minimalist look, this is the perfect project for you.

Supplies Toilet paper towel rolls Ruler Pencil Scissors Paintbrush Navy blue and gold acrylic paint Glue stick

Let's make Flower Wall Decor From Recycled Toilet Paper Roll 

Step 1

To begin, you will need a ruler, pencil, scissors, and toilet paper rolls. With your ruler and pencil, measure and mark out your preferred width for each petal.

Step 2

Now that the flowers are cut up take your navy blue and gold acrylic paint. You can use any color of paint you like.

Step 3

Take six pieces of the black flower petals and carefully place them next to each other. Using your glue stick, carefully apply glue to both sides where each petal touches and hold them together.

Step 4

Here you will need your glue gun and your mosaic mirrors.Take one mosaic mirror and apply a dot of glue.

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