DIY Simple Pinecone Swan

Head out to your backyard and gather craft materials to make this adorable DIY simple pinecone swan!

This craft was fun and easy to do with my kids and I documented it all right here so you can try it, too! Check it out!

Supplies A pinecone Pipe cleaners  Two googly eyes White paper A white pom pom A pencil Scissors Hot glue A white feather

Let's make DIY Simple Pinecone Swan

Step 1

Draw the wings: Use your pencil to draw two little wing shapes on your white paper.

Step 2

Glue the feathers: Turn your pinecone sideways and apply glue to the tip of its pointed end. Stick the base of your feather here for the tail!

Step 3

Cut the pipe: Cleaner Cut a little piece about two centimetres long from the tip of your orange pipe cleaner and set it aside. This will be your swan’s beak!

Step 4

Shape the neck: Make and attach your swan’s head and neck! Cut your white pipe cleaner in half. At one end of one half, curve the tip over, nestle your little white crafting pom pom into it.

Step 5

Add the wings: Apply glue to the sides of your swan’s pinecone body where you want the wings to sit and stick your little wings down, one on each side.

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