DIY Rope Wrapped Vase – Make the Perfect Gift

Vases come in many shapes and colors, but the prettiest ones are always those you make yourself. Whether you need an extra vase for yourself or you want to gift one to your best friend, sister, or mother.

By Jon Doe

we have a cool craft project for you – a rope wrapped vase.

Supplies Yellow yarn Beige yarn Hemp twine Artificial Flowers Lace ribbon Jar Scissors Glue Gun

Let's make DIY Rope Wrapped Vase

Step 1 

Wrap the rope around the jar: Get the rope and the glue gun and start adding hot glue to the very lip of the jar. Go slowly, adding tiny strands of glue as you add in the rope.

Step 2

Add some beige yarn: Next, it’s time we get the beige yarn out. Much like you’ve been doing until now, we need to continue wrapping the yarn around the jar.

Step 3

Add yellow yarn: Now that you’ve completed the rows of beige yarn, it’s time we continue with some yellow yarn. Keep adding hot glue and pressing the thread into the glue.

Step 4

Add more beige yarn: We’re not done with that beige yarn yet. We want to alternate colors, so let’s continue adding in the beige yarn.

Step 5

Add the final yellow layer: We’re nearly done with this jar. Let’s add some hot glue to the bottom area and continue applying some of the yellow yarn over it.

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