Pinecone Snowman Ornament For Christmas Tree

Since our kids always get excited about the snow, I like to try and incorporate it into the crafts we make together nice and early so keep them interested.

By Jon Doe

That’s how we found ourselves making pinecone snowmen!

Materials Needed Construction paper (red and black) A paintbrush A small styrofoam ball White paint A pinecone Gold string A glue gun Crepe paper (orange) A black felt tip pen Pipe cleaners (red and white)

Let's make Pinecone Snowman Ornament For Christmas Tree

Step 1

Prep: Gather your materials so you have everything you need!

Step 2

Cut the black paper: From your black paper, cut two squares that are equally sized and a rectangle that is roughly the same size as the two squares set end to end like one piece.

Step 3

Make a cylinder: Take your black rectangularly cut piece and roll it onto itself to make a cylinder shape. Tighten or loosen the cylinder until its opening is roughly the same size as the circle you cut earlier or a little smaller.

Step 4

Start making the hat: Take your black oval shape and poke a hole in the center with your scissors, then make several cuts all the way around that hole out towards the edges of your shape without actually cutting the shape all the way out.

Step 5

Glue together: Apply some glue on the outside of the spiked pieces of the oval you just bent upwards. These will be what holds your cylinder in place when you put the two pieces together in order to make the brim and body of your snowman’s top hat.

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