DIY Paper Valentine’s Day Creature

I like to make sure I always have a few kid-friendly Valentine’s Day craft ideas up my sleeve for a rainy day, which is how I found myself making these funny little paper Valentine creatures with my kids.

By Jon Doe

I am going to share with you how I put this DIY paper Valentine’s day creature.

Supplies Red paper or card Paper (yellow and darker red) A hole punch Red yarn Googly eyes Scissors A glue stick Pink pipe cleaner

Let's make DIY Paper Valentine’s Day Creature

Step 1

Double check your list: Gather your materials together in front of you!

Step 2

Draw the heart: Use your pencil to draw the shape of a heart on your lighter red piece of paper, cardstock, or cardboard.

Step 3

Make the cheeks: Cut out a small rectangle about an inch long and half an inch wide from the bottom right corner of your darker red piece of paper.

Step 4

Make the mouth: Cut another small square from your dark red paper, about half an inch wide, and then round off the bottom and side edges and corners, keeping the top straight edge and corners to make a small semi-circle shape.

Step 5

Make the nose: Cut another similarly sized little corner rectangle with your scissors, this time from your yellow paper. Then use your pencil to draw a small heart shape in the middle of that newly cut piece.

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