Coffee Milkshake Recipe with Oreo for Coffee Lovers

This creamy chocolatey version combines the sweetness of ice cream, whipped cream, and Oreos along with the caffeine kick of espresso.

By Jon Doe

And let’s not forget the addition of toasted marshmallows and more Oreos for garnish!

Ingredients Vanilla ice cream Sachet of hot chocolate cocoa powder Full-fat milk Shots of espresso Oreos Chocolate syrup Freshly whipped Swipe up for the full list of ingredients!

Let's make Coffee Milkshake with Oreo

Step 1

Place the ice cream, hot chocolate powder, milk, espresso and 3 Oreos into the blender or smoothie maker.

Step 2

Pulse until you can no longer see Oreo pieces (about 10 seconds).

Step 3

Thread 3 marshmallows each onto two skewers. Use a chef’s blow torch to gently char them.

Step 4

Pour the milkshake into two glasses. Top with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Break up two of the Oreos and scatter them on top of the two milkshakes.

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