DIY Modern Cone Christmas Tree

If you’re looking to not break the bank with this year’s Christmas decor, a cone tree with a modern twist and a few gold details will do perfectly the job.

By Jon Doe

The versatility of this craft project is awesome!

Materials Needed A4 sheets of acetate paper Acrylic color of your choice Brush Transparent adhesive tape Gold thin nail adhesive tape Scissors

Let's make DIY Modern Cone Christmas Tree

Step 1

Start by bending the acetate paper into a cone shape that looks good to you. When you’re happy with the cone obtained, secure it with some transparent adhesive tape on the inside.

Step 2

Paint! Remember to keep the brush strokes vertical and gentile as the strokes will be very visible.

Step 3

Decorate with gold to give the extra touch. I’m adding vertical stripes of this very thin and elegant adhesive tape, which is normally used to decorate nails.

Step 4

Have fun and add all the extra touches you need.

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