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Fruit Infused Water Recipes for a Refreshing Twist

Up until recently, we were under the impression that infused waters were a thing meant for warm days and summertime when you’re trying to stay hydrated in the sun and heat. A few weeks ago, however, we caught a nasty cold and our doctors told us that the best thing we could do was drink water. When we lamented that we preferred drinks with a bit of flavour, however, we were reminded that fruit and herb infused water recipes are something we should consider enjoying all year round!

Check out these 15 fresh and delicious infused water recipes that will keep you not only hydrated but also satisfied while you try to drink enough water to stay healthy during this year’s dry winter season.

1. Champagne mango-lime agua fresca

Champagne mango lime agua fresca

If you’re already an infusing enthusiast (try saying that ten times fast) then you probably know that the term “agua fresca” is sometimes used as a fancy name for water that’s been given healthy DIY flavour that will make your taste buds happy. That’s exactly what Boulder Locavore was going for when they developed this champagne mango-lime recipe designed to make you feel fresh and summery no matter the time of year.

2. Watermelon coconut agua fresca

Watermelon coconut agua fresca

When you think of ways to enjoy water more, do you automatically think of all the possibilities that are out there for you when it comes to fruit infusions? Then we think you’ll enjoy this watermelon and coconut combination recipe from Kitchen Treaty! Talk about a great way to inject some tropical flavour into your winter season.

3. Honeydew and raspberry agua fresca

Honeydew and raspberry agua fresca

When we make infused waters, we often aim for unique combinations that we wouldn’t necessarily put together elsewhere. For example, we wouldn’t automatically think to make a fruit salad using just honeydew and raspberries, but this agua fresca recipe from The Wanderlust Kitchen let us experience the two flavours together in a new way anyways, and we’re pretty glad about that!

4. Kiwi and cucumber agua fresca

Kiwi and cucumber agua fresca

Perhaps you’re looking for a fruit combination for infusion that gives you a little bit of fruity citrus, but mostly just some fresh flavour that doesn’t overwhelm you, especially if you’re drinking the concoction to recover from being sick? Then kiwis and cucumbers are a great option for you! We tried this recipe from Barbara Cooks right as we were dragging ourselves out of the worst days of a cold and we were beyond glad to have such a delicious beverage option to help us recover.

5. Cantaloupe agua fresca with honey and mint

Cantaloupe agua fresca with honey and mint

We don’t know about you, but whenever we get sick, people tell us to drink things that involve honey. Usually they suggest teas of different kinds, but not everyone enjoys hot drinks, even in the winter. Instead, get your honey fix by trying this mint, cantaloupe, and honey agua fresca by Wisconsin From Scratch instead!

6. Blueberry and lavender infused water

Blueberry and lavender infused water

When you think of calming, recuperative cold remedies that will help you rehydrate yourself after a couple rough days of cold or flu, do you automatically think of lavender? We sure do thanks to its proven calming and relaxation effects, but we usually enjoy those lavender characteristics in the form of a scent. Melissa’s reminds you that you can also use it to infuse water instead!

7. Raspberry, rose petal, and vanilla water

Raspberry, rose petal, and vanilla water

Have you always found that hot teas infused with edible flowers and petals have helped you feel better when your muscles are aching or your stomach is upset, but hot drinks make you sleep when you really need to feel better so you can be productive? Then check out how She Who Eats used those same things to make a refreshingly infused cool water instead! Raspberries and vanilla complement fragrant rose petals in this luscious combination.

8. Rosemary grapefruit water

Rosemary grapefruit water

Grapefruits have a whole slough of health benefits that will do great things for you when you have a cold, but sometimes the effort of cutting all those segments is just too much when you’re feeling down and out. You can reap the benefits of the fruit and make it taste even better than usual by following Kojo Designs‘ lead and infusing water with grapefruit alongside a bit of rosemary, which is also cold reducing.

9. Citrus and cilantro infused water

Citrus and cilantro infused water

Hello Glow guides you through the process of making an infused water that will amp up your vitamin C intake but also give you a little extra flavour so it’s more interesting than just drinking something that tastes like watered down orange juice. The secret to taking your water’s taste to the next level? Cilantro, of course!

10. Strawberry, lime, and cucumber infused water

Strawberry, lime, and cucumber infused water

Perhaps you’re just looking for any recipe that combines things you like and gets any amount of flavour, vitamins, and fruit content into your system without tasting as yucky as homemade Neo Citran recipes? Then try an infused water the blends fruits, vegetables, and herbs! Wholefully, for example, suggests using cucumbers, strawberries, and mint all in once delicious drink.

11. Orange, cucumber, and mint water

Orange, cucumber, and mint water

Perhaps you love most of the recipe you just saw above but you’re not a huge berry fan or you actually have a strawberry allergy? Instead of reducing flavour or drinking something that will make your tongue feel itchy, replace the strawberries with oranges for a citrus boost that will pump your system full of great vitamins, just like No Gojis, No Glory did here.

12. Watermelon mint water

Watermeon mint water

If you ask us, mint complements just about anything when it comes to fruit infused waters. No matter what else you put in, we find that mint makes things taste fresh and invigorating, which is just what you need when you’re feeling under the weather. We particularly love Eat, Drink, Love‘s suggestion for blending mint and watermelon together for a summery taste even in cold weather.

13. Orange blueberry infused water

Orange bluberry infused water

Are you intent on having oranges in your mixture because eating them always makes you feel better and you’re also a huge fan of blueberries but you don’t often seen them combined together in drinks? That’s no reason not to try something you think sounds delicious! The Peach Kitchen happens to agree with you that oranges and blueberries go magically together, even in drinks.

14. Strawberry, lemon, and basil water

Strawberry, lemon, and basil water

Lemons have antibacterial properties, mint is great for easing aches and pains, and strawberries, while healthy for your system, are also just plain delicious, so is it any real surprise that Natasha’s Kitchen combined these three flavours into one great infused drink? We actually tried this recipe in real life and compared it to a similarly flavoured water that we bought at a store, and we can guarantee you that this homemade version is the tastier of the two!

15. Lavender lemonade

Lavender lemonade

You might not think to drink “lemonade” when you’re sick or trying to stay hydrated in the winter, but this deliciously infused drink from Eat Yourself Skinny isn’t really the sugary summer treat you’re thinking of. While it is a little sweeter than some of the other simple infusions on this list, it primarily contains real, immune boosting lemon juice mixed with some coolly steeped lavender that calms your nerves in the midst of your cold.

Do you have another favourite water infusion recipe that you’re always recommending to friends? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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