Valentine’s Day DIY Lovely Heart Decoration – Make Something from the Heart

Small signs of love are what keep relationships going and a small handmade present will certainly remind them of your feelings.

By Jon Doe

So, this time around, let’s prepare something for Valentine’s Day – a lovely heart decoration. This one is pretty easy to do and you just need a bit of free time.

Supplies Rock Wire Silk ribbon White and red beads White and red acrylic paint Paintbrush Pencil Scissors

Let's make Valentine’s Day DIY Lovely Heart Decoration

Step 1

Paint the rock: Let’s get things going! Get the pretty rock you found and the white acrylic paint, as well as the paintbrush. Start painting the rock with white paint.

Step 2

Make a heart: For the next step, you’ll need the white and red beads and the wire. We used jewelry wire malleable but strong.

Step 3

Create the white stem:  Now that the heart is done and you’ve secured the beads, you need to start building up the white stem. So, get the white beads and start adding them to the wire.

Step 4

Pencil in the love: By now the rock should be pretty much dry. Get the pencil and the rock and write Love on it. We chose a handwritten script rather than print letters.

Step 5

Paint the letters: Once you’ve written down the word love and you know exactly where each letter needs to be, it’s time you take out the red acrylic paint and the paintbrush.

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