How To Make A Paper Frog

I’ve been crafting with my kids since they were quite tiny and one of the best parts of watching them get creative over the years has been seeing their interest and curiosity grow as they learn how to do all kinds of new things.

By Jon Doe

That’s how I found myself showing them how to make these funny little bouncing paper frogs!

Supplies Paper (pink and green) Two googly eyes Scissors A glue stick Markers (black and red)

Let's make A Paper Frog

Step 1

Make the tongue: From one corner of your pink paper, cut a strip about half an inch wide and two inches long, like a thin rectangle.

Step 2

Cut green strips: Holding your green paper portrait-wise or vertically, cut strips about half an inch wide and the full length of the page along your side edge. Cut four strips in total and set them aside for a moment with your frog’s tongue.

Step 3

Make the body: On the rest of your green paper, use your pencil to draw your frog a head and two back feet.

Step 4

Outline: Outline the edges of your frog’s head and feet with black marker to make them stand out, define them a little better, and emphasize that fun cartoonish look.

Step 5

Make the face: Complete your frog’s face! Use your glue stick to place a googly eye in each one of the mounds at the top of your frog’s end.

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