How to Make a Heart Cushion

Want a cute and simple craft idea to try with your kids? Or maybe you’re just looking for something easy for yourself to start with.

By Jon Doe

Either way, this adorable DIY on how to make a heart cushion is the best place to start!

Supplies Red fabric Pillow fluff Scissors A sewing needle Red thread White paper A pencil

Let's make a Heart Cushion

Step 1

Make a stencil: Use your pencil to draw a heart in the center of your piece of white paper.

Step 2

Get your needle ready: Thread your needle! Carefully put the end of the thread through the loop in the needle’s blunt end. Pull the thread through a few inches to keep it in the needle as you work.

Step 3

Cut the fabric heart: Fold or double layer your red fabric so you have two sides to work with. Place your paper heart, which will be your template, in the center and use your pencil to trace around the shape so that you now have a heart on your top layer of fabric.

Step 4

Start stitching: Start stitching at the base of your heart’s bottom point. I started by putting my needle in the back and up through the front so the knot in the other end of my thread was on the back side.

Step 5

Prep your stuffing: Cut your sheet of pillow fluff into strips about an inch wide and then cut those strips into smaller pieces. I kept my pieces large enough to stay fluffy but small enough to fit easily through the whole in my heart’s border.

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