DIY Floral Ice Bowl for Valentine’s Day

If you want to wow your guest at your Valentine’s Day party or event, try making this adorable ice bowl, created with rose petals and tulips.

By Jon Doe

It’s a great way to keep a beverage chilled and on display throughout your evening dinner.

Supplies One large bucket A smaller bucket Small rocks or stones Rose petals or flowers

Let's make DIY Floral Ice Bowl for Valentine’s Day

Step 1

These buckets, a large plastic and small metal one, were picked up from my local dollar store. Because plastic is a malleable, I found it easier to remove the ice from a plastic bucket.

Step 2

Fill the larger bucket with water, being sure not to get any water into the smaller bucket. The smaller bucket may start to float as you fill up the larger one, so add a weighty object in the smaller one to hold it down.

Step 3

Place the bucket in the freezer and let it all freeze overnight.

Step 4

The next day, let the bucket sit outside of the freezer for a bout 5 minutes before attempting to remove the ice bowl. It will melt a little bit, and the smaller bucket should slide out easily.

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