DIY Reindeer Gift Wrap For Christmas – How To Wrap A Gift

This holiday season, I decided to give certain people chocolate bars as a simple but enjoyable gift but I wanted to customize them to make sure they really looked the seasonal part.

By Jon Doe

That’s how I came up with this adorable reindeer gift wrap idea!

Materials Needed Chocolate Paper Brown cardboard Red ribbon Two googly eyes Scissors A glue stick A pencil A bell Wire crafting thread

Let's make DIY Reindeer Gift Wrap For Christmas

Step 1

Gather your materials!: Get everything you need to start the craft. Step 2: make the nose: Use your pencil to draw an oval about half an inch long on your red paper. Cut it out and set it aside. This will be your reindeer’s nose.

Step 3

Make the antlers: In the bottom right hand corner of your black paper, draw the shape of an antler. Cut out the entire strip where the antler is, giving yourself a rectangular piece that’s the whole length of the page, with your antler positioned at the bottom. Now, fold the black antler strip you just cut in half and cut the antler shape out.

Step 4

Cut and measure the wrap: Use your scissors to adjust the size of your brown paper a little so it’s more suited to your chocolate bar and you don’t have lots of excess in your way. I cut an inch wide strip off one of my page’s longer sides and a 2cm strip off one of my short ends to make it more appropriate for the size of my chocolate bar.

Step 5

Wrap the body: Position your paper landscape so its long edges become its width and its short edges become its height. Place your wrapped chocolate bar in the center of the page and apply glue down its entire length on the left side.

Step 6

Tuck the ends: Wrap the ends of your chocolate bar! First, use your finger to pinch the paper inward on each side, folding it down over the chocolate bar’s thing side edges on each end. Then fold the front side of that end inward over the end of the bar.

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