DIY Pinecone Gnome for Christmas Decorations

Make your own cute DIY pinecone gnome to add to your tree this year, or simply make a few as handmade gifts for friends and family.

By Jon Doe

Check out just how I put this gut together right here in this simple tutorial!

Materials Needed Blue batik paper A wooden disc A spun cotton ball Pink paint A paintbrush Red and black felt Pipe cleaners (blue, white, and orange) Scissors Hot glue A dotting tool

Let's make DIY Pinecone Gnome for Christmas

Step 1

Poke your dotting tool into your spun cotton ball and then use your paintbrush to paint the entire thing light pink. Set it aside to dry. Set it aside to dry.

Step 2

Cut a piece about two inches long off your blue pipe cleaner. Turn the ends of this new piece inward, making each one look like a curl.

Step 3

Cut what’s left of your original piece in half. Curl one end of each of these pieces inwards again, creating more of a spiral now than just a curl but leaving the other end of each piece straight.

Step 4

Cut a square piece about two inches by two inches from the corner of your piece of blue paper. Then, starting at one corner and arcing over to the one diagonally across from it.

Step 5

Apply hot glue along one straight edge of your new blue shape, from pointed tip to rounded off edge. Curl the other edge inward, rolling it towards the edge with the glue.

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