DIY Frame Calendar with Changeable Backgrounds

For this tutorial I will show you how to create a unique watercolor colorful background but then, hey, totally up to you if you want to keep it one month or six!

By Jon Doe

Each month you can take note of things to do for each day!

Supplies 18x24cm frame acrylic colors of your choice & brush watercolors scissors and ruler black permanent marker thin point PVC sheet white nailart adhesive tape

Let's make DIY Frame Calendar with Changeable Backgrounds

Step 1

Depending on the color of the frame you have you might want to paint it to coordinate your home decor. I decided to paint it light blue, mixing white, mint and light blue.

Step 2

Next you have to prepare the grid that will be made of 7 columns and 5 rows, where you’ll place the day’s numbers, and then you’re going to have to add another row on top of all to add the weekdays’ names.

Step 3

Now place the paper with the drawn grid beneath the glass and start placing white lines of masking tape to draw the grid on the glass.

Step 4

This step is optional, follow it if you’d like to make the watercolor backdrop. Use different colors to make each column of a hue, and fill the grid we made before.

Step 5

Finally, cutout the glass shape onto a transparent PVC sheet and write all the numbers using your grid as reference.

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