DIY Clothespin Memo Board – Remember Everything on Your To-Do List

A memo board is always handy to have around as it can help you keep track of the more urgent matters, at least.

By Jon Doe

We’re putting our crafting brains to work and creating a clothespin memo board today!

Supplies Round corkboard Rose-patterned fabric Silk ribbon Clothespi Scissors Glue gun

Let's make DIY Clothespin Memo Board

Step 1

“Dress” the corkboard: Add the corkboard on top of the fabric and start folding he material on top of it.

Step 2

Add the ribbon: Now that the base for our memo board is done, we can start adding in the silk ribbon. Measure out a length of the ribbon by placing it over the memo board.

Step 3

Make a bow: Cut a bit of ribbon and set it aside. Then, place a longer piece of ribbon in the shape of a bow, forming the loops.

Step 4

Hang the memo board: Now that the memo board is pretty much done, we have to make it possible to hang it on a wall. So, get the same silk ribbon we’ve been using and cut a piece. Make sure you fold it to the length  you want the board to hang on your wall.

Step 5

Add the clothespins: Finally, we get to add the clothespins. You can attach them to the ribbons we placed on the memo board so you can later add any pieces of paper with the things you need to remember.

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