DIY Button Heart Wall Decor – Create Something for Valentine’s Day

It’s bright and cheerful and it can lighten up any room. Plus, if you’re going to gift it to your Valentine, it will remind them of your feelings any time they look at it!

By Jon Doe

Cute decorations can be created with pretty much anything, including buttons. So, for this Valentine’s Day, we propose a cute wall art piece with a button heart.

Supplies Wood frame Buttons Linen fabric Lace ribbon Artificial flowers Wood glaze Pintbrush Pencil Scissors Glue gun

Let's make DIY Button Heart Wall Decor

Step 1 

Apply wood glaze: We’re going to start the project by taking the wood frame, the wood glaze, and the paintbrush. Our wood frame is oval, but you can obviously go with a different shape if you can’t find one like ours.

Step 2

Trace and cut the linen: When the frame dries out, take the linen fabric and lay the frame over it. Take a pencil and trace the inside of the frame over the linen.

Step 3

Glue the linen:  Get the full wood piece that’s part of the frame and the glue gun. Set the linen in the center of the oval and lift it slightly to add hot glue to the board. Make sure the linen is placed with the drawing face down.

Step 4

Add the wood frame: Once the linen is completely glued to the wood board, get the frame and add it over. Use some more hot glue and put some on the outer area of the linen piece.

Step 5

Add the buttons: Now that the frame is done, it’s all ready for you to add the buttons. First, you’ll want to start building the design, arranging the buttons in the shape of a heart.

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