Easy DIY 3D Paper Flower

Recently I made a pretty little DIY 3D paper flower and I was so happy with it that I ended up making about five more of them before the week was out.

By Jon Doe

I documented my whole paper flower process here so you can see just how I put these together.

Supplies Pink paper  Scissors A glue stick A wooden skewer Pink pipe cleaner Green crepe paper

Let's make DIY 3D Paper Flower

Step 1

Fold and cut: Cut your two pieces of pin paper, light and dark, into eight evenly sized little squares; four of each shade.

Step 2

Using the squares:  Turn the square a quarter turn on the tabletop so its corners point up and down, and side to side, like a diamond.

Step 3

Glue: Apply glue along the inside edges where the two folded sides meet when you fold your new cones, sticking each of your eight pink pieces closed. You know have whole petals!

Step 4

Making the stem: Cut a strip of crepe paper that is the full height of your roll’s free end and about half an inch wide. Apply glue to one end of your wooden skewer and stick the end of your green crepe paper strip down here.

Step 5

Adding details: Cut a piece about two inches long from the end of your pink pipe cleaner. Curl one and in like a little spiral and leave the other sticking straight down.

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