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How To Wrap A Gift – DIY Hand Stamped

It’s that time of the year again, when we head to the mall to start shopping for gifts for our favorite people. And while the gift itself is the main thing, the wrapping is important too. A beautifully-wrapped gift will mean even more to that special someone. So today we’re sharing an easy tutorial on how to wrap a gift and hand stamp paper using potatoes to create beautiful gift wrap.

how to wrap a gift

Diy hand stamped gift wrap materials

Here’s what you’ll need to wrap a gift:

  • Potatoes
  • Sharp knife and cutting board
  • Pencil
  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Paper
  • Paper towels

Step by step instruction for wrapping and stamping:

Diy hand stamped gift wrap photo

Step 1: Cutting potato

Begin by cutting a potato in half. Choose a design to draw on your potato… straight lines are much easier to cut than curved, and the simpler the better.

Diy hand stamped gift wrap cutting

Step 2: cutting process

Cut the first line downward into the flat side of the potato, making sure that it is 1/4 – 1/2 inch deep. Then turn the halved potato on its side as shown above and slice down perpendicular to the first slice.

Diy hand stamped gift wrap cutting process

Step 3: Create the stamp

Repeat on the other sides to finish cutting out your design. Touch up any excess pieces of potato.

Diy hand stamped gift wrap excess

Step 4: pour paint

Next, pour a bit of acrylic paint on a flat palette or plate and spread it around so there’s an even coating of paint. Dry the surface of your potato stamp on a paper towel and dip it into the paint. Lightly touch it to the paper towel so there aren’t globs of paint, and then press it down on the paper.

Diy hand stamped gift wrap samp

Step 5: continue painting

Continue printing a couple more times, then dip it in the paint and repeat. You’ll get the hang of it as you go. Let it dry for a couple of hours, and you’re ready to wrap your gifts!

Diy hand stamped gift wrap continue printing


Feel free to experiment with different colors and shapes… this non-traditional cactus pattern ended up being my favorite. The end result is quirky and fun, with a lovely handmade quality to it. Your friends won’t want to open their gifts, they’re so beautiful!

Diy hand stamped gift wrap black

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