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35 Creative Ways To Wrap Birthday Presents!

Instead of the standard bag and tissue paper, get creative when wrapping up everyone’s birthday presents. From Kraft paper to outside-the-box ways of decorating these gifts, we’re sharing 35 different ways of making a loved one feel special on their own special day. Check them out below!

1. Mod Podge Dots


Check out how to use Kraft paper and mod podge to create something special over at Mod Podge Rocks. Polka dots are always in – in any color you decide!

2. Gold Brooches


You can even use some older brooches to use as embellishments to the birthday gifts. Just make sure to take off the clasps in the back. Thanks for the great idea Katie Brown Workshop!

3. Whimsied

Whipperberry Birthday WRapping ideas

Check out these whimsy designs from Whipperberry. We love the delicacy and creativity behind them, and you can follow the tutorial quite easily to make some for yourself.

4. Paper Doily

Paper Doily Gift Wrapping

Mondocherry wrapped up some adorable presents and used paper doilies to accent them. It creates an easy lace detail that we love!

5. Birds & Greenery

Bird Gift Wrapping Idea