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15 Creative Ways to Use Spare Buttons

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been hoarding spare buttons for years from sewing projects that you over-purchased for in the past or clothing you bought that came with spare buttons you haven’t needed yet. Our collection has built up so impressively, in fact, that we’re almost proud of it! If you don’t need buttons often, however, what can you do with all those buttons instead of letting them sit around in a drawer?

Check out these 15 awesome projects that put spare buttons to good use in all kinds of super creative ways!

1. Statement button rings

Statement button rings

Perhaps you’d absolutely love to jazz up your style a little bit in the accessory category but your jewelry making skills aren’t quite up to the challenge of making something very complicated? Then make it easy by using fun, big, decorative buttons as the centre piece of a ring! We love the way Miss Kris used eye catching vintage buttons to create fantastic finger decorations in all shapes and sizes!

2. Cute as a button hairband

Cute as a button hairband

We simply adore making our own headbands because there are so many unending designs and styles that you can create to match an outfit or your personality, so we’re always on the lookout for new supplies that we can use to make unconventional, cool hair accessories. That’s why we were so excited about finding these awesome button bands by Tip Junkie! When you wrap them around your head, they look like kitschy little fascinators.

3. Clothespin button racers

Clothespin button racers

Perhaps you’ve been trying to find ways to upcycle household items in order to make your kids some fun little trinket toys, or even to help them make toys themselves? This is an activity that teaches creativity, thriftiness, and an ability to keep themselves busy in many different ways with whatever they have available. These fun little cars, made of buttons and clothes pins, are a perfect example! See how they’re made on Almost Unschoolers.

4. Kids’ fine motor games

Kids' fine motor games

One of the reasons we love saving and crafting with buttons is that they’re useful in so many small and unexpected ways, and many of those things are very easy to make happen. This kids’ activity featured on Cheerios and Lattes, for example, makes a great fine motor activity for little kids who are working on hand-eye coordination and love to get their little fingers into new sensations and concepts. Let your kids string some of your old buttons along some uncooked spaghetti noodles and they’ll be busy with their simple new game for hours!