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50 Cornmeal Recipes That Will Definitely Surprise You

Cornmeal muffins can be good, but there are so many more dishes and bites you can make if you’ve got some of this corse flour on hand. Made from dried maize, you’d be surprise how many different meals you can whip up using this overshadowed staple. Let’s take a peek at 50 cornmeal recipes that will definitely surprise you and delight your tastebuds too.

1. Cornbread Madeleines

Cornbread madeleines

Bon Appetit turned classic madeleines into something a little bit quirky and different. Using cornmeal, you can make corn-inspired bites!

2. Chicken Stew with Dumplings

Chicken stew with cornmeal dumplings

Check out this satisfying dinner recipe over at Call Me Fudge. The entire family will dive into these bowls of chicken stew with dumplings.

3. Collard Greens, Cornmeal and Sausage Soup

Collard greens, cornmeal and sausage soup recipe

Collard greens, a bit of cornmeal and sausage sounds like a weeknight treat that you’ll be looking forward to all day. Grab the details at Saver.

4. Spicy Cornbread Stuffing

Spicy cornbread studding recipe

Saveur also has this delicious spicy cornbread stuffing up their sleeve. Mix up the Thanksgiving dinner table with this number.

5. Date & Almond Biscotti

Date and almond cornemal biscotti

You can even whip up some delicious biscotti using some cornmeal. Grab the recipe and then have a bite of one of these with some hot tea or coffee. (via)

6. Parmesan and Poppyseed Crackers

Cornmeal parm and poppyseed crackers

The Kitchn makes some parm and poppyseed crackers that could add to any snack or lunchtime treat. Grab the details after the jump!

7. Southern Fried Catfish

Southern fried catfish with cornmeal

Make your catfish crispy and southern fried with a bout of cornmeal in the batter. Hop on over to the The Kitchn and learn how to do it right at home.

8. Fried Pickles

Fried pickles with cornmeal

Who loves a good helping of some fried pickles? Learn how to make them right with some help from Table for Two.

9. Sugar Cookies

Cornmeal sugar cornmeal

You can even make a delicious batch of sugar cookies using cornmeal too. Follow along with the details over at Yellow Bliss Road.

10. Homemade Corn Dogs

Corn dogs made with cornmeal

Who wants to put together a basketful of homemade corn dogs this weekend? The kiddos will surely love a bite or two! (via)

11. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cornmeal chocolate chip cookies

Yes, you can make chocolate chip cookies with some cornmeal too. Hop on over to Pursuit of Sweetness and snag the recipe right now!

12. Sweet Corn Spoonbread

Sweet corn spoonbread

Southern Bite makes some delicious sweet corn spoon bread that you’ll want to serve up as a side any night of the week. It’s a great side dish for any holiday meal as well.

13. White Cheddar Chipotle Biscuits

Cheddar chipotle buttermilk biscuit with cornmeal

Ignite the dinner table with a batch of these homemade cheddar biscuits. Learn how to whip them up tonight with some help from Oat & Sesame.

14. Vegan Blue Waffles

Vegan gluten free blue cornmeal waffles

These vegan blue waffles from Minimalist Baker were made with some cornmeal too. Just don’t forget the maple syrup or even a bit of honey.

15. Lemon-Glazed Berry Galettes

Lemon berry cornmeal galettes

Our Best Bites made some beautiful berry galettes that would be the perfect accompaniment to your next brunch, afternoon tea or bridal shower! Learn how to make them right at home after the jump.

16. Fried Oysters

Fried oysters with cornmeal

The Spruce fried up some oysters with the help of cornmeal too. Check out how to make these for your next indulgent dinner now.

17. Cheesy Jalapeno Cornbread

Cheesy jalapeno cornbread

This cheesy jalapeño cornbread from The Yummy Life looks rather yummy doesn’t it? It’s a great addition to your weekend BBQ!

18. Buttery Fluffy Dinner Rolls

Buttery fluffy cornmeal dinner rolls

Mel’s Kitchen Cafe made some buttery dinner rolls with cornmeal’s help as well. They’ll go great with any meal of the week!

19. Crispy Oven Fried Chicken

Best baked fried chicken made with cornmeal

Carlsbad Cravings makes a delicious crispy fried chicken dish using cornmeal in its recipe. Hop on over and take a peek at the directions now!

20. Fried Okra

Fried okra made with cornmeal

And then if you want to keep frying up tasty treats, Instructables teaches us how to do it with okra. Just don’t forget the ketchup!

21. Lime Cookies

Cornmeal lime cookies recipes

The Kitchn has a batch of lime cookies you may want to try. The icing on top really seals the deal.

22. Pizza Dough

Cornmeal pizza dough from cornmeal

Yes, even your pizza dough can be made with a bit of cornmeal involved. Check it all out at Baked by Rachel.

23. Peach Upside Down Cupcakes

Cornmeal peach upside down cupcakes

Cooking Classy uses cornmeal in their recipe for these delicious peach cupcake. This is taking “upside-down” desserts to a whole new – and yummy – level.

24. Southern Hushpuppies

Souther cornmeal puppies

Your hushpuppies can be fried up too. These are great for fish fries, BBQ dinners with the neighbors and even as a side for some salads. (via)

25. Jamaican Porridge

Jamaican cornmeal porridge

Have you ever had Jamaican porridge? You use cornmeal to make it and it’s delicious – grab the recipe at Immaculate Bites.

26. Strawberry Griddle Cakes

Strawberry griddle cakes with cornmeal

Smitten Kitchen made some strawberry griddle cakes that we’re absolutely drooling over. Eat them plain or drizzle a bit of syrup on them, either way they’re scrumptious!

27. Creamy Parmesan Polenta

Creamy parmesan polenta

Daydream Kitchen made this dreamy, parmesan polenta. This will be a fun one to try out in the kitchen!

28. Baked German Pancake

German pancakes baked cornmeal recipes

Learn how to make these delicious baked German pancakes with some help from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe. It’ll be quite the fun treat for family and friends.

29. Churros

Cornmeal churros recipe

A Beautiful Mess shows us how to make churros – and yes, cornmeal is involved here too. And some chocolate dipping sauce is an important part of this bite!

30. Onion Rings

Baked cornmeal pepita crusted onion rings

Veggies Don’t Bite made some onion rings we’re drooling over too. Learn how to make some of these popular side bites right at home.

31. Blueberry Lemon Pancakes

Blueberry lemon cornmeal pancakes

Here are some more pancakes that cornmeal helps to create. Learn how to make these lemon blueberry bites over at Garlic and Zest.

32. Crusted Shrimp Po Boy

Shrimp po boy with cornmeal

Who loves a good po boy sandwich? The Suburban Soapbox teaches us how to get those shrimps extra crispy and concoct the perfect lunchtime plate.

33. Taco Cornbread

Taco cornbread with cornmeal

The family will love this as a new weeknight dinner staple. Check out this taco cornbread innovation over at Diary of a Recipe Collector.

34. Cranberry Lime Cookies

Gluten free cranberry lime cornmeal cookies recipe

These cranberry lime cookies are delicious too and made with some cornmeal. They’re a beautiful way to celebrate a Sunday afternoon or bring a batch to your next shower celebration! (via)

35. Vegan Chickpea Parmesan

Vegan chicken parmesan

Are you vegan or vegetarian? Learn how to make a “chicken” parm with chickpea and cornmeal. Just it out now! (via)

36. Indian Bread Pudding

Indian breadpudding cornmeal recipes

Serious Eats whipped up this Indian bread pudding that we all want to dive right into. And you guessed it, cornmeal is involved in this one too.

37. Slow Cooker Honey Pulled Pork over Corn Pancakes

Slow cooker honey pulled pork recipe over cornmeal pancakes

With this recipe you’ll learn how to make two delicious pieces to the puzzle. The pulled pork and those cornbread pancakes can be made right at home with help from Well Plated.

38. Blueberry Pie

Blueberry pie with cornmeal crust

What Should I Make For made this gorgeous blueberry pie. And that crust was made with a bit of help from cornmeal!

39. Vegan No-Chicken Nuggets

Vegan chicken nuggets

Connoisseurus Veg made these “no-chicken” nuggets that everyone in the family will love to snack on. Learn how to bread them and make sure you don’t forget the ketchup.

40. Lemon Cake

Lemon cornmeal cake

Warm Vanilla Sugar used some cornmeal to make this lemon cake too! Grab the recipe after the jump!

41. Cornmeal Pancakes

Cornmeal pancakes

The Pioneer Woman makes some classic cornmeal pancakes that will quickly become a staple of the house as well. Dive on in and perfect your breakfast pancake now!

42. Heirloom Tomato and Ricotta Tart

Heirloom tomato and ricotta tart

Run on over to Salted Plains for all the details behind this gorgeous tomato tart. The crust is made the cornmeal and the rest is made with a bit of artistry and love.

43. Crispy Fish Tacos

Fish tacos with cornmeal

You can even learn how to make some yummy fish tacos if you visit Pinch of Yum. Bread your fish and tac on all of your favorite toppings.

44. Blue Cheese Cheesecake

Blue cheese cheesecake with cornmeal crust

That’s My Home made a blue cheese cheesecake that works perfectly as a dinner party appetizer. Check it out now after the jump!

45. Hoecakes

Hoecakes recipe

If you’ve never heard of a hoecake before, this is the time to learn what it is. Grab all the details at Food Network.

46. Crusted Pan-Fried Trout

Cornmeal crusted trout

Serious Eats teaches us how to make trout extra delicious and that’s with some help from cornmeal. It’s a healthy dish that you can easily learn how to whip up in the kitchen any night of the week.

47. Leek & Corn Muffins

Leek cornmeal muffins

These leek and corn muffins are quite scrumptious and add a bit of different bite to the dinner table. Check out the recipe and serve up a fun, new side dish this week! (via)

48. Deep Dish Pizza

Deep dish pizza recipe with cornmeal

Here’s another pizza dish but this time it’s from Ambitious Kitchen! Take the deep dish slices to your own kitchen!

49. Baked Buffalo Popcorn Chicken

Buffalo popcorn chicken

Carlsbad Cravings make some buffalo chicken nuggets you’ll love too. Whether it’s an afternoon snack for the kids or as a way to get the entire family on board for dinner – this innovative recipe is a winner!

50. Baked Polenta Fries

Baked cornmeal polenta fries

And finally, if you visit Local Savour you’ll learn how to make these yummy polenta fries. Again, it’s a new side dish and a way to mix up family dinner!

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