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Unique Ways to Use Ribbons

Some of the best crafts are the ones that happen when you use common supplies in unconventional ways. One of the most versatile crafting things you can get your hands on is ribbon. Between the different colours, textures, and widths ribbon comes in and the multitude ways you can tie it, you can make countless different things from ribbon! Check out these great DIY ways to use ribbons of all kinds.

1. Decorative ribbon balls

Decorative message balls

Weddings and birthdays are full of opportunity for cute decor. These ribbon balls are great to fill decorative bowls with as centre pieces. Choose ribbons that match your colour scheme, that are decorated with a pattern you like, or that say things like “Happy birthday” or “I love you”, depending on your event.(Source: The Lonely Heart)

2. Ribbon flowers

Ribbon flowers

Have you ever tried origami, the art of folding paper? You can make beautiful things by folding ribbon in a similar way! These ribbon flowers make beautiful hair pieces, gift toppers, or brooches.(Source: The Flower Art)

3. Lace ribbon wands

Lace ribbon wands

These adorable lace wands make a great toy. Tie or glue ribbons and strips of lace to the end of wood dowels and add a little bell to make them extra fun. They’re great for princess parties!(Source: The Knot)

4. Ribbon bookmark

Olympus digital camera

A length of patterned ribbon and some thinner ribbon looped make an adorable bookmark, especially if you add some cute shaped buttons.(Source: Kasey Crafts)

5. Ribbons in hair braiding

Ribbon braiding

Have you ever tried braiding hair using a pretty coloured ribbon as one of the strands instead of more hair? The effect is beautiful!(Source: Practik Ideas)

6. DIY ribbon lampshade

Diy ribbon lampshade

Hand sewing ribbon in small bunches across a plain lampshade creates a cute ruffled effect for a little girls’ bedroom.(Source: Fyne Designs)

7. Ribbon mobile

Ribbon mobile

Lengths of coloured ribbon tied to a frame and hanging down are an easy way to make a whimsical baby mobile. Try bunching the ribbons together near the bottom or cinching them up for some extra style.(Source: The Ribbon Retreat)

8. Ribbon snake craft

Ribbon snake craft

Help your kids cut out a snake shape from paper and give it some googly eyes. Next, use little strips of ribbon to make a tongue and coloured strips!(Source: Activities for Kids)

9. Ribbon wreaths

Ribbon wreath

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas! Complementing coloured and patterned ribbons looped loosely around a circular frame make a beautiful door hanger.(Source: Family Crafts)

10. Ribbon and bead Christmas trees

Ribbon and bead christmas trees

These adorable Christmas tree crafts are made with beads and Christmas coloured or patterned ribbons looped around them in increasing size to make a cone shape!(Source: Be a Fun Mum)

11. Ribbon necklace

Ribbon necklace

Coloured and patterned ribbons make a great pretty alternative to regular jewelry string. Rather than needing a clasp, you can just tie a nice length of the ribbon behind you.(Source: Grandparents.com)

12. Easter egg ribbon sculpture

Easter egg ribbon sculpture

Creating small 3D art with ribbons is a great way to decorate for any holiday. This ribbon sculpture Easter egg is particularly cute!(Source: The Ribbon Retreat)

13. Burlap ribbon mason jars

Burlap ribbon mason jars

Wrapping strips of burlap with some gingham ribbon is the perfect way to customize mason jars for stylishly rustic weddings or backyard picnics.(Source: Ribbons.com)

14. Scrap ribbon dog leash

Scrap ribbon dog leash

Strips of coloured and patterned ribbon are a great way to customize your dog’s boring old leash! This craft is the perfect opportunity to use up small ribbon scraps from previous projects.(Source: The Ribbon Retreat)

15. Ribbon clutch tutorial

Ribbon clutch

Sewing together strips of differently coloured ribbon is a great way to create a fun, colourful little bag for your essentials. It’ll be a statement piece or complement a bright outfit!(Source: The Ribbon Retreat)

Have you created other fun or stylish crafts using ribbon? Tell us about how you did it in the comments section!

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