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These 23 Homemade Bath Salts Will Make Tub Time Extra Invigorating

Add a bit of aromatherapy into your nighttime ritual with one of these beauty projects below. Learn how to make something that will make your skin a bit smoother and your bubble baths a bit more fun. These 23 homemade bath salts will make tub time extra invigorating, so start DIYing one of the projects below!

1. Peppermint

Diy peppermint bath salts

A Pumpkin and A Princess made a beautiful blush-colored bath salt that filled with peppermint aroma. It’s relaxing, it’s refreshing and the perfect DIY gift!

2. Rosemary

Diy rosemary bath salt

Rosemary is a good way to go as well. It’s more uni-sex in the gift department too. So, Let’s Hang Out has all the details.

3. Dried Herbs


Learn how to DIY your own bath salts that include your favorite essential oils. Visit Postcards From Rachel to grab the easy tutorial.

4. Lavender

Home made bath salts

A Splash of Vanilla has a favorite scent involved in this homemade bath salt project. Lavender is a bit more feminine and super relaxing too.

5. Eucalyptus & Vanilla

Diy vanilla and eucalyptus bath salts main e7trlv