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These 23 Homemade Bath Salts Will Make Tub Time Extra Invigorating

Add a bit of aromatherapy into your nighttime ritual with one of these beauty projects below. Learn how to make something that will make your skin a bit smoother and your bubble baths a bit more fun. These 23 homemade bath salts will make tub time extra invigorating, so start DIYing one of the projects below!

1. Peppermint

Diy peppermint bath salts

A Pumpkin and A Princess made a beautiful blush-colored bath salt that filled with peppermint aroma. It’s relaxing, it’s refreshing and the perfect DIY gift!

2. Rosemary

Diy rosemary bath salt

Rosemary is a good way to go as well. It’s more uni-sex in the gift department too. So, Let’s Hang Out has all the details.

3. Dried Herbs


Learn how to DIY your own bath salts that include your favorite essential oils. Visit Postcards From Rachel to grab the easy tutorial.

4. Lavender

Home made bath salts

A Splash of Vanilla has a favorite scent involved in this homemade bath salt project. Lavender is a bit more feminine and super relaxing too.

5. Eucalyptus & Vanilla

Diy vanilla and eucalyptus bath salts main e7trlv

She Knows shows you how to clear your mind and fill your tub with the perfect combination. Eucalyptus and vanilla make a rich beauty duo.

6. Rainbow

Diy rainbow bath salt

The Cheese Thief makes one of my personal favorites on the list. Gift your friends with a bright and fun rainbow mix!

7. Orange

Diy orange dream bath salt

Over at Miss Wish, you’ll find this orange dream recipe that we’re practically swooning for. Fill your tub with a dessert-like fantasy and have a wonderful, luxurious evening inside.

8. Grapefruit

Grapefruit diy bath salt

Say Yes take pink grapefruit and uses it as inspiration for this homemade bath salt recipe. This too is the perfect DIY gift or shower favor!

9. Ingredients

Diy bath salts recipe

Hop on over to Lemon Peony and find out how to mix fruits and flowers into a glorious treat. It’s a beautiful, summertime scent that you’ll fall in love with.

10. Rose Petals

Rose petal bath salt

PopSugar gives us the best tutorial that involved rose petals! It’s both beautiful to look at and wonderful to use!

11. Warm Cocoa

Diy warm cocoa bath soak

Check out Classy Clutter and grab all of the details for this sweet recipe. Warm cocoa is the way to go when you want to something a bit more inviting and homey.

12. Coconut Lime

Coconut lime bath salts diy

Raining Hot Coupons took a flavor pair that’s perfect for dessert or drinks and brought it to the bath tub. It’s one of the most fun on the list!

13. Pumpkin

Pumpkin spice diy bath salts

If you’re feeling fall flavors and scents, then hop on over to Crafts Unleashed and check this out. Grab all of the details on this pumpkin concoction.

14. LemonGrass

Lemon grass bath salt diy

For those with a more earthbound flair, visit Beatitude. This lemongrass bath sale recipe is right up your alley.

15. Citrus

Homemade citrus bath salts

And if you’re feeling something a bit more springtime, then you’ll want to grab this citrus creation from A Pumpkin and A Princess.

16. Almond

Almond bath salt diy

Over at DIY Network, you’ll find one of the more unique salts. Who knew almond could be so rich when it comes to tub time?

17. Candy Corn

Diy bath salts recipes to warm up with a hot bath16

Hello Glow took fall flavors super literal and poured them into the recipe. Candy corn is the best addition, especially when it comes to gift giving.

18. Lavender Cardamom

Lavender cardamom bath salts

Shalom Mama has another unique combination when it comes to bath salts. Lavender and cardamom combine here to make something extra special.

19. Candy Cane & Lime

Diy homemade candy cane and lime swirl bath salts

Candy cane and lime may sound a little funny but Boulder Locavore knows how to make it work. Check out this fun recipe after the jump!

20. Lemon Rosemary

Diy lemon rosemary bath salts | recipe at tidymom net

Tidy Mom pairs refreshing lemon with warm rosemary for the ultimate best of both worlds dup. You’ll thank us later.

21. Mint Mojito

Mint mojito bath salt diy

Hello Glow took a cocktail and took it to the beauty world. Fill up your tub with this fun combo and soak in the sweetness.

22. Herbal

Herbal bath salt diy

Hello Glow also knows how to include some herbs. Visit again for this snazzy and easy homemade bath salt recipe.

23. Rose Milk

Rose milk diy

And finally, you’ll need to visit Hello Glow just one more time. This rose milk recipe is a personal favorite and a bit sexy too.

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