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25 Different Ways To Tie A Scarf

Scarves are always handy to have on hand, for those days when you just can’t put together more than the most basic outfit. Well you can step up your style game even more by tying those scarves in unique ways… so today we’re here to share 25 of our very favorite ways to tie a scarf. Keep reading to get inspired!

1. Bandana Style Technique

How to tie a blanket scarf bandana style

If you have a larger scarf that you’d like to tie around your neck without the bulkiness, the bandana style is a great way to do it. Simply fold it into a triangle, and bring the two smaller ends around your neck. Find out all the details over at Cort In Session’s blog.

2. Tartan Poncho

Poncho style way to tie a scarf

If you have a giant blanket scarf, then you’ll love this genius tying technique. Drape it around your shoulders and then tie a belt around your waist. This style will provide some extra warmth for your arms too! Find out more over at Karamode’s website. 

3. Over Under Style

Simple pretty way to tie a scarf

Here’s a clever style for a long skinny scarf that is thin and flowy. The key is to fold it in half first, and then drape that half around your neck and tuck the ends through in alternating ways. Head on over to One Good Thing By Jillee to check out all the info on this technique.

4. Belted Blanket Scarf

Belted blanket scarf idea

Here’s another cool way to incorporate a belt with your scarf. Start with a large blanket scarf and fold it in half so it forms a triangle. Then simply drape it around your neck and belt it. Make your way over to Life With Emily to find out more about this fun look.

5. Half-Tied

Half tied scarf style