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15 Creative Ways to Reuse Old Shoes

Going through your old shoes and getting rid of certain pairs to make room in your closet can be difficult. It’s always hard to let go of a pair you loved the look of but that never fit right, or your most comfortable pair that have finally bitten the dust. Just because you can’t wear them anymore, however, doesn’t mean you need to throw a pair of shoes in the trash!

Check out these 15 creative ways to repurpose old shoes so that nothing practical goes to waste.

1. Succulent pump planter

Pump planter

Shelterness suggests using that pair of fancy pumps that hurt you to much to wear as a planter for cute succulents. Succulent plants are long lasting and low maintenance, so they’re a good choice for unconventional planting that’s a little more decorative than usual.

2. Platformed cactus pot

Platformed cactus pot

Cacti are another hardy plant that will survive being placed in something a little more fun than a regular terracotta plant pot. We love this high heeled planter idea from Shelterness where the cactus is planted directly in the deep platform at the front of the shoe!

3. Running shoe herb garden

Running shoe herb garden

Run Ragnar suggests disinfecting your comfiest old running shoes and transforming them into an herb garden display. Attach them to a stump and plant directly in them to create a unique little corner in your yard that juxtaposes commercial things and greenery.

4. Hanging shoe jewelry rack

Hanging shoe jewelry rack

Recyclart shows you how easy it is to place small accessories, like bracelets or rings, in the toes of an old pair of shoes hung up on the wall! You can even screw a couple hooks through the soles of the shoes to give yourself something to hang necklaces or earrings on as well.