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DIY Tassel Seagrass Basket

Baskets are a must-have whether you want to store your extra pillows and blankets or make use of it as a planter. Take it outdoors and it will serve the same purpose. These belly baskets especially are a huge thing now, you can find them in different shades of colors and adorned with a variety of pom poms. They are not only gorgeous but good on your wallet. Alhought they are very much on trend, you don’t want to be looked at as the next generic belly basket owner. And today I will be showing you how you to transform your belly basket with a dozen of beautiful tassels that fits right into your home decor.Diy tasseled sea grass basket step 8I am always in for shades of purple and pink and a little blue helps me to bring the beautiful blue sky in. You can choose what color you want. The best thing is that if you happen to change your decor and not like the colors you can easily bring it back to its orginal self and restart from there by just snipping off the tassels.

Diy tasseled sea grass basket materialsMaterials:

  • Seagrass baskets ( Mine is from IKEA, Fladis )
  • Yarn of your choice
  • Big-eyed needle
  • Cardboard pieces
  • Paper Clips ( optional )

Diy tasseled sea grass basket cl 1


1. I will be making a total of 12 tassels, 6 of each color for a diameter of 14.5 inches. I wrapped the blue yarn over  a piece of cardboard around 70 times to get that size, you may, however, go over or under that number for a fluffer or thinner one2. Insert around  15 inches long piece of yarn so to the wounded yarn together, give it a single square not. Remove the yarn from the cardboard and wrap some yarn around the head like so3. Cut off the ends with a sharp scissor to form the tassel4. Level your tassel and trim off the edges to make a clean tassel ( Tip: you may want to run your hand over the tassel to bring it all to the level )5. To make our next step easier, we will arrange our tassels keeping around 3 inches of distance between each tassel and clip it with paper clips6. Sew your tassels in and trim off the excess yarn from inside. You are pretty much done!As easy it looks, you can wrap this project in a one sitting of an episode of Games of Thrones, say what?Diy tasseled sea grass basket step 9Diy tasseled sea grass basket step 7Diy tasseled sea grass basket step 10I currently can’t decide what should I use it for as a planter or a holder of my utilities in a step away! I would, however, love to know from you, how did you find this tutorial and what color combination will you use for your tassel?

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