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15 DIY Design Ideas How To Set Up A Small Bedroom

Just because you don’t have the most spacious and grandiose of bedrooms doesn’t mean that it can be extra-special. In fact, we’ve scoured the Internet and found so many great ways to utilize every inch of that personal space. Below, you’ll find 15 DIY ways to level up your small bedroom and take it to a place that’s inspiring, functional, and super stylish too. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Use the space under the bed

Rolling Under Bed Storage Ideas

Diy rolling storage crate

When you don’t have a lot of square footage to work with, you have to learn to utilize every inch of what you do have. And every inch includes under the bed. Over at The Idea Room, you’ll learn how to create some under the bed rolling storage to help out with organizing!

Use the walls of the small bedroom

Over the Bed Shelf

Processed with vscocam with f2 preset

Row House Nest installed a simple, over-the-bed shelf that sparked some ideas for us as well. Displaying and styling becomes easier when you create more spaces to do it – like adding a shelf in an unsuspecting area. You can even add several to help with your media collections!

Mounted Jewelry Organizer

Mounted jewelry organizer diy

We’re loving this mounted jewelry organizer that we found over on Amazon. Again, this helps create a nook for organizing and displaying that you wouldn’t have had the space for before. It’s also quite easy to DIY if you wanted to try out a project for yourself instead of buying.

Create Room by Hanging Plants

Diy hanging plants

A Beautiful Messhung up some plants. If you want to add style and a breath of fresh air to your bedroom but you simply don’t have enough space to do it – just hang them up instead. This is an easy DIY to take hold of and you’ll love the finished product.

Anthro-Inspired Swinging Shelf

Diy swing shelf

Brit + Cohad this swinging shelf idea up their sleeve as well. This is just another way to add more room to display and organize in your bedroom. But, it comes with personalized style as well – which is a must. Hop on over now and DIY one yourself!

Nook Organizer Design

Small space foyer diy organizer nook

Utilizing every nook is easy when you have the right kind of inspiration. Brit + Coshowed off this foyer space and we took it as the right idea for our small bedrooms. Creating a little display or nook organizer without using too much of the room is genius!

Wall Vanity

Diy wall vanity setup

You can even create a space on the wall that acts as your vanity. Just go with wall pieces – even hang up your still when you’re finished – to spare the floor. We found this inspiration on Pinterest and thought it was a beautiful idea to follow through with.

Furniture ideas for small bedrooms

10. Furniture with Storage

Storage round ottoman in small bedroom

Always choose furniture pieces with storage accompaniments. Ottomans, footstools, and more can be found with hidden compartments to help tidy up, organized, and keep clutter free. This piece from Pinterest may be one of our favorites.

Utilize Cubbies

Utilize cubby storage in small bedroom

The Cuban In My Coffeegives us an easy small bedroom idea that we can all take note of. Using cubby organizers are key to tidying up and displaying your “stuff” in style. Perfect for kid’s rooms, dorm rooms, or even inside of apartments, this is an easy way to DIY your own function.

Trunk Nightstands

Diy trunk storage small bedroom

Use trunks as your nightstand instead of traditional tables. With these beauties from Wayfair, you not only get your side table needs met but you have space for storage! This is a great example of killing two birds with one stone throughout your decor and tidying.

Wooden Ladder

Wooden ladder diy

I Spy DIY will show you how to color block a ladder. IT’s a super simple DIY to follow but it’s the function of it that we love for helping out small bedrooms. Display coats, organize blankets, and more once you’re done painting.

Dice Tables

Diy dice side table

Here’s some funky style that you could add to your bedroom. And with it comes cubby storage space as well. Check out all of the fund details over at Aww Sam.

Quick Wood Rack

Diy wooden quick hat rack

When you have a small bedroom, the more ways to store and organize the better. And over at A Pair & A Spare you’ll learn how to create this chic rack that will help you do just that but also add fashion-forward energy to your room as well. Hop on over and grab the details now.

Pendant Lamps

Diy pendant lamp

Damask Love hung up their lighting – which is just another great idea! If you don’t have the extra space for your lamps, just look up. Installing pendant lamps will help to free your tabletop space.

Decorate Up

Small bedroom decorate up

And finally, take this tip Elle and this beautiful space. When decorating your small bedroom, think up. All of your decor show go from ceiling to floor, elongating the room and having the eye move up.

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