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15 Painted Wine Glass Projects To Use At DIY Gifts

Birthdays, Christmas, Thank You’s, Get Wells, and Congratulations too, there’s so wrong time to gift the gift of wine. And there’s no wrong time to DIY a present either. Here are 15 painted wine glass projects that you can easily use as a DIY gift and know that you’re receiver will not only utilize it but love its handmade touch. Let’s take a peek at some fun design ideas, shall we?

1. Multi-Colored Confetti

Diy confetti wine glass paint

For a celebratory feel, try creating a confetti design on your wine glass set. Serendipity by Sara Lynn will walk you through the details. Go with a lot of different colors if you’re gifting in the spring or maybe with a metallic spread if you’re giving this set for the holidays.

2. Peacock Feathers

Peacock wine glass diy

Lucy Designs gave us some beautiful inspiration for peacock feathers sprinkled all over the body of our wine glasses. This one will definitely be a lot of fun to paint and have you feeling like the artist that you’ve always wish you were! You could even go with off colors and create a design filled with magenta and pink tones if you want something a bit different.

3. Pour Paint

Diy pour paint wine glasses

For a more youthful vibe, go with this pour paint option over at Holly’s Arts and Crafts Corner. This is a great idea for a birthday present or for someone who just loves a lot of color. Create a set with a bunch of different colors to make it even more of a fun project to dive into.

4. Gold-Dipped

Painting on wine glasses gold dipped

Simple and chic, these gold-dipped wine glasses from Guide Patterns are one of our favorite ideas on the list. It’s super easy to recreate this one at home – even for the most novice of crafters. Hop along and check out the tutorial now.

5. Spring Petals

Spring flowers diy wine glasses

We’re swooning for these girlish and charming spring petal-covered wine glasses from  Lauren Paints. Use a lot of different colors and learn how to create these beautiful abstract flowers after the jump. These are great for making and using for baby showers, bridal showers, or gifting as a thank you!

6. Frosted

Frosted diy wine glasses

Vicky Barone teaches us how to create this modern, frosted wine glass tumbler. We love the cool blue tone and the contemporary shaping of the dipping. Any color would work though!

7. Chalkboard

Diy chalkboard wine glasses

Rustoleum went with a chalkboard idea that we love too! Perfect for those who love entertaining, all you have to do is write everyone’s name on this own glass and no one’s gets lost in the shuffle. You can even buy colored chalk for something even more fun.

8. Glittered

Diy glitter wine glasses

PopSugar dipped their wine glasses in glitter. And we’re loving this fun and festive look as well. Perfect to use throughout the holidays and even more perfect to give as a handmade gift for Christmastime as well!

9. Stripes & Dots

Diy wine glass stripes

We’re loving these fun designs that everyone can tackle over at Leah Tackles! Using nail polish or craft paint (or even Sharpies!), you can also create this fun stripe and polka-dot pattern. And then you can use any color that strikes your fancy!

10. Marbled

Diy marbled wine glasses

A personal favorite design on the list is this gorgeous, stunning marbled look that we found while scouring the Internet for quirky projects. All you have to do to recreate this beaut is to follow along with this YouTube video! Let us know how it goes!

11. Cheers!

Diy cheers wine glasses

Technically, this isn’t a “painting” project either (although you can use paint for it if you’d like), but it’s still a really cute one. Use metallic Sharpie markers to create really fun, festive designs for the holidays. Gather all of your inspiration over at belle vie.

12. Pastel

Diy pastel dipped wine glasses

Boulevard went with pastel tones as their inspiration. All they did was do a bit of dipping to create a chic, easy design. Check out the details for this one after the jump as well.

13. ColorBlocked

Diy colorblock frosted wine glasses

Vicky Barone gave us another beautiful design to amp up the style of our wine glasses. These color blocked and frosted tumblers are so pretty! We love the blush tones as well, although they’d be just as pretty in powder blues or yellows.

14. Sparkle Stem

Diy glitter wine glasses

If you really love glitter, then Lulu’s  has you covered. This project combines a couple of the designs that you see above and turns them into a super fun and festive ending result. Different colors glitter and your stemware will be full of style!

15. Sunflowers

How to paint flowers on wine glasses

YouTube has a beautiful tutorial on how to create sunflower wine glasses as well. This one will take a bit more time than most of the projects that you see above – but worth it! Hop on over now and take a peek!

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