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Beautiful DIY Neck Ties

Now that spring time is pending and things are starting to warm up, we’re finding that the opportunities we have to dress up are increasing for the season! In the spring and moving towards summer, all kinds of people in our lives tend to get married, throw engagement parties, have promotion dinners, and graduate at fancy convocations, and we like to look our best whenever we’re invited to join in the fun. As DIY enthusiasts, however, we usually like to add a crafty element, and we do that for our friends and family members whenever we can too! That’s why we recently decided to learn how to make our own neckties. Little did we know, however, that there are so many different ways you can do it!

Just in case you’d like to learn how to make your own neckties for yourself or your loved ones too, check out these 15 awesome tutorials for making that happen in all different ways.

1. DIY denim skinny ties

Diy denim skinny ties

We love skinny ties. We love them on absolutely anyone. We always have, and we’d be willing to bet that we always will! With that said, we also love that there are all kinds of different designs and materials that you can make skinny ties out of that we’re always on the lookout for new tutorials. That’s why this awesome denim skinny ties idea caught our eye so hard! Of course, sewing with denim can be a little bit different an experience than sewing with other materials, so check out The Polished Gent for some great tips!

2. Velcro baby neckties

Velcro baby neckties

When we get our whole family all dressed up, we don’t like to leave anyone behind the glamour, no matter how young. That’s why we were so intent on finding ourselves a baby necktie tutorial! Now, we fully understand that putting a full, proper necktie on a baby isn’t reasonable, so we were pretty pleased to learn how to make a miniature version that uses Velcro to stay on and be taken off. Get the full details on The DIY Mommy!

3. Fun kid-sized colour block necktie

Fun kid sized colour block necktie

Perhaps you’ve got the adults and the babies in your family covered, but your other kids could still use some funky neckties for special occasions? Well, don’t stress just yet because you’re not out of luck and you won’t even have to alter a different pattern, which can be quite difficult. Instead, check out this kid-sized necktie pattern from Sewing Rabbit! Besides helping you get the size right, their tutorial will also show you how to do some colour blocking so that your kids look fun and bright while they’re dressed in their best, rather than looking way too adult and serious.

4. Hand stencilled necktie

Hand stencilled neck tie

When you sat down to make your own necktie, were you actually not quite prepared for the idea of literally making it from scratch? Maybe you had it in your mind that you’d simply be customizing a pre-made tie instead. Well, we think that’s a perfectly great project for you to tackle as well! Just to get your mind running on ideas, check out how Generation T used fabric paint and a stencil to design their very own patterned necktie. We like the idea of using both numbers and letters!