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You’ll Love These Cute and Clever Ways to Give Cash as a Graduation Gift

What gift does every new graduate want? Cold hard cash! But, simply slipping a few bills into a card isn’t very creative. This roundup of clever DIY projects offers several memorable ways to honor your favorite graduate with a cash gift.


Money Wreath

This cute DIY graduation gift idea can be used to decorate the reception area, then taken apart for spending cash. Get the instructions over at Crazy Little Projects.


Balloons with a Special Surprise

Fill balloons with confetti in the graduate’s school colors and a few rolled up bills for a special treat. Photo courtesy of Sugar and Charm.

Grad gift idea

Dollar Diplomas

Fill a decorated jar with tiny dollar diplomas for a quick and easy graduation gift that’s sure to please. Get the instructions at No Biggie.

Bright idea

Bright Ideas

Stuff rolled bills into a light bulb shaped container and add a congratulatory tag. See more creative ways to give cash on the Good Housekeeping website.

Graduation money toppers

Money Cupcake Toppers

Yummy cupcakes with cash toppers are a memorable way to give a cash gift. Head over to Lil’ Luna to learn more.

Money origami bracelet

Dollar Bill Bracelet

A bracelet folded from dollar bills is a great way to present cash for any occasion, but especially appropriate for female graduates. You’ll need 14-18 bills for each bracelet. Get the tutorial at About Origami.

Money origami flowers

Money Origami Flowers

An arrangement of flowers made from money and paper in the graduate’s school colors makes for a unique keepsake. You’ll need five bills for each flower in this project. Learn more at LoveToKnow Origami.

Money lei

Money Lei

A simple fan fold makes this money origami lei very easy to create. Honeysuckle on the Vine has the details.

Money chain

Money Chain

This project creates a chain necklace from folded bills, topping it off with a customized medallion. Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss has the tutorial.

Water bottle full of quarters

Water Bottle Full of Quarters

A water bottle filled with quarters is a thoughtful graduation idea for a student who will be attending college. The quarters will come in handy on laundry days and the water bottle can be used to stay hydrated while pulling an all-nighter. Photo courtesy of One Hundred Dollars a Month.

Change in a mason jar with printable

Change Jar with Tag

Fill a dollar store jar with spare change and add a cute decorative tag to make a thoughtful graduation gift. Head over to Capital B to download your free project printable.

Sony dsc

Six Pack of Fun

Pair cash with bottles of candy in a decorated six pack holder for a memorable DIY graduation gift. Learn more and download your free project printable over at Busy Mom’s Helper.

Emergency cash

“Emergency” Cash

Frame a few bills to provide a clever way to display “emergency” cash for your favorite graduate. Photo courtesy of Sendomatic.

Money gift idea pizza box and dough

Graduation Pizza

The only thing better than pizza is a pizza made of cash. This clever idea comes from Making Memories with Your Kids.

Money in a chocolate box

Candy Box Surprise

Slip assorted bills and coins inside an empty chocolate box for a fun surprise. Idea courtesy of Andrea Dekker.

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