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DIY Projects and Crafts for People with Wanderlust

The “travel bug” is a very real thing, but it’s probably the best kind of bug you can catch! If you have Wanderlust, you probably spend a good chunk of your day dreaming about your next destination, planning out your next adventure, or saving a preparing for a trip that you’re already looking forward to, even if it’s not set in stone yet.

Buying things to go on holiday is fun, but making them is even better! Check out these awesome DIY projects for travel enthusiasts everywhere!

1. Picture map

Picture maps

Whether you’re using it to plan out your goal destinations with your best friend or to keep track of all the amazing places you and your significant other have been, picture maps are a great visual way to prepare for and remember your adventures. Print out tiny pictures of landmarks you’d like to see and pin them on each city you want to save up and visit, or choose your favourite pictures from trips you’ve already been on and pin them to the places you went so you can remember the trip.(Source: Oh Happy Day)

2. Travel lingerie bag

Travel lingerie bag

If you’re not comfortable with the idea of customs agents searching through your delicates in front of everyone at the security gate, whip up this cute DIY lingerie bag to keep things discrete.(Source: Rue Mag)

3. DIY jewelry roll

Diy jewelry roll

Traveling is no reason to leave all of your accessories at home! Keep them glam and untangled with this mini jewelry roll instead of just throwing them in loose. You don’t want to lose anything nice!(Source: Haberdashery Fun)

4. Map butterflies

Map butterflies

Sometimes all you need to satisfy your wanderlust is a little decorative reminder of how many destination possibilities are really out there. These little butterflies made from old maps are the perfect visual inspiration.(Source: Bromeliad)

5. Travel journal

Travel journal

If you’re going to have amazing experiences on the road, you might as well keep track of them! This DIY travel journal is the perfect place to jot down the things you don’t want to forget.(Source: Gimme Some Style)

6. Vintage suitcase end table

Vintage suitcase end table

If you’ve inherited a gorgeous old suitcase that isn’t quite right for your travel needs, turn it into a cute little end table that will let visitors know right away what you’re passionate about!(Source: Stars for Streetlights)

7. Terrycloth travel pouch

Terrycloth travel pouch

Do you have an old towel or wash cloth lying around? Turn it into a travel roll to hold things like your toothbrush and toothpaste. It’s nice and compact and it’ll also protect your stuff from toothpaste spills!(Source: Whimsy Love)

8. Hair tool heat pouches

Hair tool heat pouches

Use a pot holder to make yourself a cute, heat resistant pouch for hot curling irons and hair straighteners if you want to avoid waiting around for things to cool down before you pack your suitcase up!(Source: Dollar Store Crafts)

9. Travel shadow box

Travel shadow box

A big, boxy picture frame with space for trinkets makes the perfect display for things you’ve saved from your latest trip. Print out the name of the destination as a background and pop in hotel keys, flight tickets, and other little souvenirs!(Source: Pinterest)

10. Map lampshade

Map lampshade

Pasting pieces of a map along the sides of a lampshade is a great way to subtly incorporate your love of travel into your decor scheme.(Source: Apartment Therapy)

11. Map coasters

Map coasters

Use map sections of places you’ve been or places you’d like to go to make coasters. Your friends will know immediately how much you love taking trips!(Source: Popsugar)

12. Map dresser

Map dresser

What better way to upgrade an old dresser than with a fresh coat of paint and some maps that make your Wanderlust into a creative style choice?(Source: Shelterness)

13. Map plates

Map plate

Choose regions and countries that you’ve been to and paste the maps to a set of appetizer plates. Serve your favourite delicacies from that area when you host guests!(Source: CBC)

14. Chalkboard globe

Chalkboard globe

Paint an old globe with chalkboard paint, grab some chalk, and choose some travel quotes! Even if you just use it as a place to write your to-do lists, the globe will still inspire you to plan more adventures.(Source: The Good Life)

15. Coin charm bracelet

Coin charm bracelet

Have you ever come home from a trip and wondered what to do with all your foreign spare change? Making each coin into a bracelet charm is a great way to save the coins and show people how many exciting places you’ve been!(Source: Darling Doodles)

Do you know someone with a huge case of Wanderlust? Share this article with them for a little bit of travel-themed DIY inspiration!

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