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Easy DIY Sewing Projects for Beginners

The prospect of learning how to sew is a daunting one. Taking one look at patterns and sewing machines is enough to make people nervous. Don’t worry, though! With some time and a little practice, you’ll learn how to thread that sewing machine and wind that bobbin without getting your thread irreparably tangled. As you work your way up to larger, more advanced projects, you’ll need a few smaller pieces to get you started!

Check out these easy DIY sewing projects that are perfect for beginners who need a little practice!

1. Layered lace skirt

Layered lace skirt

Pearls and Scissors‘ tutorial is amazing because it gives you different easy options to choose from, depending on your skill level! You can make this layered skirt starting completely from scratch, or you can use an old oversized t-shirt as a base to get started.

2. Notebook tea cloths

Notebook teaclothes

Say Yes reminds you that your hand sewing skills are still useful and important, even after you’ve started to learn how to use your sewing machine! These adorable notepaper napkins are proof.

3. Simple sweater hat

Simple sweater hat

A Beautiful Mess lets you in on a little secret for making hats out of old sweaters: use them hem to your advantage!

4. Keychain chapstick holder

Keychain chapstick holder

Why not use your sewing practice time to create things you can actually use? These little keychain chapstick holders by Crazy Little Projects are the perfect starter!

5. Baby headbands

Baby headbands

Cute little baby headbands, like these ones by Brit + Co, are a great way to practice embroidering (with your machine or by hand), working with differently textured fabrics, beading and sequinning, or affixing appliques!

6. Business card wallet

Business card wallet

Do you know someone whose business cards look great, but are always scattered or nowhere to be found when they want to hand them out? Practice your easy sewing skills by making them this adorable little business card holder (or make one for yourself)! Get the instructions from A Spoonful of Sugar.

7. Ruffled iPad case

Ruffled ipad case

Crazy Little Projects walks you through the process of sewing your own protective iPad case, complete with an adorable ruffle for decor!

8. Cozy sweater mittens

Cozy sweater mittens

Brit + Co. reminds you that upcycling old clothing is one of the easiest ways to learn basic sewing techniques and create cool, useful things without overwhelming yourself.

9. Ruffled shirt hemline

Ruffled shirt hemline

Are you one of those people with a really long torso, whose shirts are always just slightly too short? Your brand new sewing skills will come to the rescue! try adding an adorably ruffly extended hem to the bottom of your shirts.

10. Easy baby quilt

Easy baby quilt

The idea of tackling quilting as a sewing beginner might seem a little crazy, but the methods behind it are really very basic! This easy baby quilt from Crazy Little Projects is the perfect way for you to practice creating neat seams (and also get into quilting)!

11. Beach towel tote bag

Beach towel tote bag

Dandee Designs has another way for you to practice sewing by upcycling things. Check out this awesome tote bag made our of an old beach towel!

12. Reversbile scarves

Reversible scarves

Martha Stewarts’ reversible scarf pattern is simple to understand, easy to follow, and perfect for practicing with!

13. Envelope pillow

Envelope pillow

Using folding and seaming techniques, Crazy Little Projects shows you how to create a pillow cover from any material you like!

14. Easy-to-sew pajama pants

Easy to sew pajama pants

Do you feel like you’re ready to try something a little more complicated than a square pillow case, but still easy? These pajama pants from Living Well, Spending Less are a simple challenge!

15. Toddler towel smock

Toddler towel smock

If you think you’re ready to learn about putting in domes or buttons, this adorable toddler smock made from a hand towel is a useful and easy way to learn! Get the pattern from Positively Splendid.

Do you know a sewing beginner who’s been looking for easy practice projects? Share this post with them for a little inspiration!

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