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15 Fantastic DIYs to Upgrade Your Bike

Those summer rays make it very easy to get outside and exercise. In my opinion, biking is the best option without a doubt. Not only can you work up a sweat, but you can actually put some miles between you and your stomping grounds. It’s easy to grab a set of wheels and go for an adventure. Plus, your bike can be modified to reflect your style with just a few simple DIYs. Scroll through these 15 DIY projects and decide which ones will give your bike a matching personality.

DIY Painted Bike

Paint has to be one of the first mediums we turn to for a simple makeover. So when you’re looking to remodel your bike, the rules are no different. With a little effort and a day with no plans, you can take your bike from drab to fab. Trust me, you’ll be the most enviable set of wheels on the block. (via We Can Make Anything)

Bike Bell Makeover

What’s a bike without a bell, right? And when you’re giving your bike a makeover, no ordinary bell will do. Some painters tape and a bit of paint will help you create the most unique ringer anyone has ever seen. (via Idle Wife)

DIY Pretty Floral Basket

When you’re out and about, you need a safe place to stash your phone, wallet and keys, plus any other treasures you might pick up while out on your adventure. Such a pretty floral basket like this is sure to protect your stuff while giving your bike some feminine flair. (via The Merrythought)

Helmet DIY

Helmets are a necessary part of riding around town on your fancy wheels. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a plain one! Just a bit of contact paper cut in circles are you’ll have the cutest polka-dotted head around! (via Clairabelle Makes)

Simple smartphone holder

Not entirely sure where you’re going? Make this simple smartphone holder and you’ll be able to stay in touch with the world no matter where your bike takes you. Plus it makes it a breeze to snap any biking selfies. (via Wiki How)

Duct tape makeover

Kids like colorful bikes too! Let them help you give their bike a cheap and super colorful makeover with several kinds of patterned duct tape. They won’t want to come inside again all summer long. (via Skunk Boy)

Paint Chip Spokes

Bike beads are so out of style. If you want to give your wheels some real flair, stock up on paint chips for a rainbow ride. It’s free, easy and you don’t have to stress if you lose one. (via Top Left Pixel)

DIY bluetooth speaker

Have you ever imagined your own theme song following you around while you ride? Well now you can play it so other people can hear it too. Pair this DIY bluetooth speaker with the smartphone holder above and you’ll have the best time jamming to your tunes while you coast. (via Instructables)

Vintage bike basket

If you can ride your bike to the park for a picnic, why wouldn’t you? Turn a vintage picnic tin into a bike tin that will keep your sandwiches safe en route to the park. And really, it’s just plain pretty. (via Recyclart)

DIY bike streamers

While all kid’s bikes do require ribbons, there is no law that says grownups can’t flash some frill as well. Make these simple streamers with some ribbon and a couple of golf tees and your handlebars won’t be able to handle the style. (via North Story)

DIY Bike Pannier

Okay so men probably don’t want the flowers and frills on their bikes. But you can have a little masculine style with a bike pannier like this one. Here is your excuse to buy that bag you’ve been pining for. (via Carryology)

DIY wine holder

Take advantage of the empty space on your bike below the seat with this clever box. It’s a super stylish way to take a romantic ride to your favorite park bench and you don’t have to wear a dorky backpack to carry the wine. This box will keep all your necessities secure. (via Pinterest)

DIY indicator gloves

For all you rule oriented cyclists out there, don’t spend a pocketful of cash on signal gloves. Make your own that will work just as well and help keep you safe while you ride around the busy streets. (via Instructables)

DIY Tassel Basket

Does you bike already have a basket that just needs a little upgrade? DIY your own tassels and suddenly, your ride will have a whole new look. Not to mention they’ll catch the wind while you coast. (via Claireabelle Makes)

DIY Bike Box

Helloooo polka dots. Here’s a DIY bike box that has so many wonderful uses! Stash your stuff while you ride through your town. Hold the groceries from the Farmer’s Market. Make your bike look awesome and fun. It does it all. (via Sugar and Cloth)

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