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25 Wonderful Things You Can Make With Pipe!

Industrial-styled furniture, copper beauties or unique ideas you may have never thought to try, even a novice DIYer can craft some wonderful things out of pipe. And we’re here to show you how! We’ve compiled a wonderful list of 25 different things you can make with pipe.

Take a peek, get inspired and get to work!

1. Shelving

DIY Industrial-Pipe-Shelving

Create something magical for your larger living room, kitchen or office space with the help of DIY Show Off. You’ll have an industrial accent and functional, unique piece to organize and display.

2. Lighting

DIY Pipe Lighting

Hello Lidy shows us how to make a makeshift chandelier with a masculine, edgy style. With some easy materials, you too can create this funky, focal piece for any space of the house.

3. Towel Holder

DIY Pipe Paper Towel Holder

Squirrelly  Minds made us squeal with this genius idea. She took something boring and made it fresh and stylish for the kitchen – the best part is how easy it is to do yourself.

4. Drawer Pulls

DIY Copper Pipe Drawer Pulls

Upcycle an old dresser just like Upcycled Treasures did! A fresh coat of paint and some new hardware made this piece become an absolute stunner. And all it took was some copper piping.