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15 Upcycled Pet Beds

If there’s one thing we absolutely adore about crafting (okay, we all know there’s obviously more then one thing, but humour us for a moment), it’s the fact that we can craft for the people we love! Keep in mind, however, that when we talk about beloved family members and friends, we’re not actually talking about just humans, even if we used the word “people”. In addition to being huge DIY enthusiasts, we’re also animal lovers with spoiled pets! In fact, we’ll make our pets just about anything; little outfits, homemade snacks, and even extra comfortable custom beds.

Check out these 15 DIY pet beds that are so adorable (and fun to make) that we can hardly contain ourselves.

1. Doll bed for cats

Doll bed for cats

If you’re handy with woodworking then you’re probably already familiar with making your own doll beds, since they’re such an easy beginner’s project to make. That’s means you’re all set for this adorable kitty cat idea! If you’re not big on wood related handiwork, however, you can still make this project for your feline friends with your customization skills instead. Check out Steve Jurvetson‘s adorable suggestion for turning a cute little wooden doll bed into a napping spot that’s perfect for small cats.

2. Old TV cat bed

Old tv cat bed

As you’ve probably been able to tell if you’ve visited our site before, some of our very favourite DIY projects of any kind are the ones that upcycle something so it can be reused. Believe it or not, pet beds are no exception, even if all you have left to reuse is something high tech! We’re in love with the adorable juxtaposition present by a furry little cat sleeping inside a hollowed out television screen. See the TV bed idea on Atomic Attic!

3. Recycled sail dog bed

Recycled sail dog bed

Do you come from a long line of sailors and you’re no exception to the family passion? Well, we’ve actually done a bit of sailing ourselves as well and one of our very favourite parts of the experience is sharing it with out beloved family dog. Imagine how excited we were, then, when we stumbled across this tutorial for a dog bed male from an old sail! See it in more detail on Ella Vickers.

4. Four poster cat bed from an upside down table

Four poster cat bed from an upside down table

Perhaps you’re the kind of pet owner who loves to give your little buddy only the very finest things in life? Then you’ll naturally want your pets sleeping in a bed that’s just as posh and grand as your own! Ki Nausser knows exactly how you feel, so they’ve written this great tutorial for making a cat-sized four poster bed by flipping an old bench upside down and adding a cushion.

5. Emptied out Mac screen bed

Emptied out mac screen bed

Did you like the television screen idea but all you actually have when it comes to old technology is an old computer monitor? Well, thanks to this tutorial from Samuel Cox, your day is saved! Their tutorial shows you how to create a similar pet bed using an old computer screen and, even though you could theoretically use any model of computer, we’re pretty smitten with how this kitschy old white Mac from the early 2000s looks with a kitty lounging inside.

6. Stuffed old sweater bed

Stuffed old sweater bed

Perhaps your best DIY skills actually lie in fabric based crafts like sewing rather than in things like wood working or taking technology apart but you still really want to make your furry friend a comfy place to snooze? Then we’ve found the tutorial for you! Handimania guides you through the process of turning an old sweater into a stuffed circular bed that looks a lot like your pet is getting a cozy hug when they lay down.

7. Suitcase bed with legs

Suitcase bed with legs

If you want, this awesome suitcase bed project can upcycle three things at once! Besides using half a suitcase, you can also give one of your old pillows a new lease on life. it might have gotten too flat or too lumpy for you but if your cat is anything like ours, they’ll think it’s just right. On top of that, you can also reuse the legs from an old side table that you just can’t keep around anymore! See the whole concept in more detail on Wild and Raven Home.

8. Patchwork sweater cushion

Patchwork sweater cushion

Do you like the sweater bed idea but your pet is actually just a little too big to fit inside a bed made of a single sweater in the size you have? Then it’s time for you to learn an easy new skill, because the best alternative to make a bed and still use those sweaters is by cutting them into square sections and quilting them together! Check out Apartment Therapy to find out how simple it really is.

9. Reclaimed wooden pallet bed

Reclaimed wooden pallet bed

Perhaps your pet is quite large and might appreciate a more structured place to sleep then just a cushion? Then they’ll probably appreciate you forever (more than they already do) if you make them a safe wooden bed to relax in! Wild and Raven Home suggests using repurposed wooden pallets to make the frame.

10. Upcycled bedding cushion

Upcycled bedding cushion

Are you and your pets used to sharing just about everything right down to the bed, but you still wish Fido had a nice place to lay when you’re spending time in other rooms of the house? Well, make him feel comfortable and like he’s still snuggled right into your bed with you by making him a bed out of your actual old bedding! Apartment Therapy shows you how easy a big doggy cushion can be.

11. Vintage luggage and desk chair legs

Vintage luggage and desk chair legs

Did you love the raised vintage luggage bed idea that we showed you above but you don’t really have an old table right now that you can steal the legs from? Well, perhaps you can spare the bottom half of an old desk chair instead! We love the way Atomic Attic chose to work with a totally kitschy, rounded retro suitcase and contrast the soft shape with the splayed metal legs of a chair that you’d normally find in the office.

12. Side table pet nook

Side table pet nook

Do you have decent side tables that you like the look of but you just don’t find that you ever used the space underneath to store anything like you thought you would when you bought them? Then use that space to keep your pets comfortable when you’re all in the living room together! Mouse Breath shows you how a cute little pet nook can be made right into the bottom half of a side table so that it’s semi-private for your pet’s comfort and doesn’t really take up a whole lot of room.

13. Garden fence and cushions

Garden fence and cushions

Maybe your pets are a little bit excitable and you’ve been hoping to build them a semi-private area that keeps them contained and gives them a space all their own to relax in? Rather than putting them in the garage, try building them a pen. Dog pens don’t have to be boring or intimidating, however. We simply adore the way Imgarcade created a cute little white picket fence from strips of strong foam, complete with a “gate” lock to give you some control!

14. Reclaimed wood pet sofa

Reclaimed wood pet sofa

Maybe you like the idea of making a pet bed our of reclaimed wood but the rustic chic style of the upcycled palettes just doesn’t quite suit your home or style? Then don’t be afraid to try making something a little more mod! We suggest taking a look at Our Nerd Home‘s simple wooden framed bed with legs. There’s a little bit of room to adjust the size for your pet and you can choose any type of awesome cushion fabric you please!

15. Old suitcase with a cushion

Old suitcase with a cushion

Are you absolutely enamoured with the idea of making your old, worn suitcases into adorable pet beds but you just don’t have the supplies or skills to transform them into raised structures the way the previous tutorials we showed here suggest? Then keep things simple and just create a bed in the full suitcase right there on the floor! The Gold Jellybean shows you exactly what we mean. Just make sure the lid is affixed firmly open so it doesn’t accidentally swing shut on your poor pet!

Do you know someone who’s been thinking about buying their pet a new bed? Share this post with them and suggest that they make one instead!

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