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Creative Ways to Upcycle Your Old T-Shirts

Transforming your old things into new, more useful objects can be both fun and practical when you turn it into a DIY project. You’ll be able to create yourself things that you actually need out of things you don’t use anymore. Check out these awesome ways to transform your old t-shirts into all kinds of useful projects!

1. Jumper skirt

Jumper skirt

Cut Out and Keep shows you how to transform an old oversized t-shirt into an adorable jumper skirt that’s the perfect mix of preppy and chic!

2. Coin purse

Coin purse

Use the fabric of your old t-shirt to make this adorable change purse, just like Zakka Life!

3. T-shirt Sandals

Tshirt sandals

The Etsy Blog gives you all the steps you’ll need to follow to create these adorable tying sandals just in time for summer.

4. Shirt skirts

Shirt skirts

Oversized t-shirts make amazing comfortable skirts! Check out how Sew like My Mom made these ones.

5. Recycled scarf

Recycled scarf

Joy Beadworks shows you how to transform your old t-shirts into an adorable recycled scarf in just a few easy steps.

6. Jersey weave sweatshirt

Jersey weave sweatshirt

Cutting old t-shirts into strips can help you customize an old sweatshirt too! Use the strips to add a basket weave pattern of fun colours like The Forge Style did.

7. Braided t-shirt flip flops

Braided tshirt flip flops

As you can probably tell, t-shirts make the perfect fabric for all kinds of things! Customize a pair of flip flops into sandals with a little more style using strips of t-shirt material to make braids! Make It, Love It shows you how it’s done.

8. Slashed scarf

Slashed scarf

Sometimes messy is the recipe for chic. Check out how A Beautiful Mess made this scarf that’s totally adorable even though it’s full of holes!

9. Graphic aprons

Graphic aprons

Are you a cooking fanatic? Try turning your old t-shirts into aprons helps you out in the kitchen and the closet! Check out the tutorial on Ruffles and Stuff!

10. T-shirt and washcloth bibs

Tshirt and washcloth bibs

Gracious Rain shows you how to upcycle two things at once! A t-shirt and a washcloth are all you need to make a cute but functional baby bib.

11. Little summer dress

Little summer dress

Daddy’s big t-shirt can be easily re-purposed as a dress for your little princess! Check out how Vanessa Christenson made this one!

12. Baby onesie

Baby onesie

The Seamery shows you how to turn adult sized t-shirts into adorable baby onesies that don’t cost you a thing!

13. Ruffle backed dress

Ruffle backed dress

This dress is simply pretty from the front and all party in the back! The best part? It’s all made from upcycled t-shirts! Check out how Tidbits made it.

14. T-shirt sleeve baby hat

Tshirt sleeve baby hat

Homemade by Jill walks you through the process of making this adorable baby hat use nothing more than a single t-shirt sleeve!

15. Plush bunny rabbit


Your kids won’t mind a bit when they find out that their new bunny playmate is made of old t-shirts! Life Your Way shows you how to make them an adorable friend from upcycled clothing.

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