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Creative Ways to Use Old CDs and DVDs

Movies and music are more digital than ever! All you need is a few minutes and an Internet connection to download a file and your entertainment is ready to go! It wasn’t so long ago, however, that we all had massive CD and DVD collections piled on shelves.

Okay, so these discs aren’t completely outdated yet, but they are abundant and they scratch easily. Instead of throwing your old CDs and DVDs away, why not use them for DIY projects? Check out these creative ways to upcycle your old discs into hand crafted decor!

Mosaic flower pot


Check out the DIY Show‘s tutorial on how to make this gorgeously reflective mosaic flower pot!

Garden markers


Keep track of the delicious vegetables you’ve planted using discs, popsicles sticks, glue, and sharpies. Boulder Families shows you how!

Mosaic mirror


Cut up CD and DVD pieces make the perfect reflective border for makeup mirrors. Check out the tutorial on Cut Out and Keep!

Mosaic tabletop


Thoughts of a Nautical Girl shows you how to make this gorgeously reflective decorative tabletop.

Wind chimes


Check out Happy Hooligans‘ tutorial for making colourful wind chimes using discs, fishing line, a coffee can, and sharpies!

Bird bath


Me and My DIY shows you step by step how to create this gorgeous DIY birth bath using the reflective side of your old CDs or DVDs.



The DIY Show shows you how to completely transform CD pieces into gorgeous earrings that will catch anyone’s eye.



Discs make perfect coasters for protecting your tabletops while still adding stylish flair. Check out how Crafts by Amanda created these colourful ones!

Decorative curtains


Let Creative Me, Inspired You walk you through the process of creating this eye catching all art!

Jewelry box


Pieces of old discs are a great way to glam up your jewelry box and make it shine just as much on the outside as it does on the inside! Make one just like Jade Eclectic did.

Garden reflectors


My Room With a View shares a simple, easy trick for upcycling CDs into garden reflectors that keep crows out!

Alarm clock


Is your favourite CD scratched beyond repair? Turn it into a memento of your favourite artist instead by crating a CD alarm clock! Crafting a Green World shows you how.

Decorative sun catchers


Are you a big fan of sparkly things? Give your garden some flair using old discs and whatever shiny objects you like best. Sequins and rhinestones work wonders! Check out the instructions on Education.



Not only do CDs and DVDs make shingling look prettier than ever, but they’re also extremely weather proof! Check out the tutorial on Instructables.

Disco ball


Classic disco balls are made from mirrored pieces, but Crafting a Green World shows you that pieces of old CDs and DVDs work just as well for some funky decor!

Have you found other creative ways to put your old CDs and DVDs to good use? Tell us about how you did it in the comments!

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