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DIY Rings That Look as Good as Store Bought Jewelry

Making your own accessories is always more fun than picking them out at the store! You can customize the style, choose your own colours, and sometimes even use supplies that you already have. Check out these ideas for DIY rings that people will think are store bought!

Wire love ring


Swell Made shows you how to bend and mold a delicate wire ring. If you’d rather feature another word than “love” try customizing your ring!

Curb chain ring


A Splendid Assemblage walks you through the steps for making your own recreation of Gwen Stefani’s edgy curb chain ring!

Chunky cocktail ring

Beads, wire, and a plain ring are all you need to make this simple but effective statement ring. Dismount Creative has all of the instruction you’ll need!

Emerald button ring


Miss Kris‘s tutorial shows you how to create a beautiful gem ring from an old upcycled button in a few easy steps.

Beads and pearls ring


If you’re looking for subtle glamour, Handmade Jewelry Club has a simple tutorial that’s perfect for you.

Glitter and leather ring


Carnet Parisien‘s leather and glitter ring tutorial will help you create something that perfectly blends bohemian and glam!

Chevron ring


Sprinkles in Spring shows you the secret to a super easy DIY ring transformation that will keep you right on trend.

Wrapped peach aventurine ring


If you love the wrapped wire look, try wrapped jewelry wire around a peach stone and affixing it to a ring like Oh Everything Handmade did.

Knitted bow ring


One Sheepish Girl‘s tutorial takes DIY to a whole new level! Knit yourself a tiny bow and fashion it into a ring.

Golden stone ring


The Merry Thought shows you a variation of other wire wrapped wrings. Instead of choosing a bead or gem, pick a small rock or stone and paint it gold!

Knot ring


Super glue and some brightly coloured nylon string are they key to this adorably trendy knotted jewelry. Check out how Plan B did it!

Painted stone rings


Brit + Co shows you another way to make rings using stones. Painting them with brightly coloured shapes, patterns, and geometric lines makes gorgeous contrast pieces!

DIY ring redo

DIY ring redo

Sometimes the best DIY rings are actually re-dos! Try transforming an old ring from your jewelry box using nail polish, just like Paper & Stitch did.

Zipper rhinestone ring

Fashion Mode Styling Outfit DIY

Fashion Blog‘s tutorial for turning an old zipper and a big rhinestone into a ring is surprisingly easy! The finished product will have people surprised when you tell them you made it yourself!

Neon clay ring


Hello Glow teaches you how to use gorgeously coloured neon clay to mold your own mod style rings in any shade or shape!

Do you have other DIY ring ideas that you don’t see here? Tell us about them or link us to a picture of yours in the comments!

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