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15 Unique Small Garden Ideas

Now that spring is almost here, we’re already starting to think about new and different ways to improve and redo our garden and yard space once the weather is warmer and a little more dry. This year, however, we’re working with a new space because we moved houses, so we’ve had to adjust our gardening ideas to a much smaller space than we’re used to! That’s why we’ve been looking up tips, tricks, and creative projects that will help us build the nicest little garden space we can in the limited space we have to work with.

1. Landscaping guides for a small lawn

Landscaping guides for a small lawn

Perhaps you actually do have a little bit of lawn space to work with in your small yard but you’re used to doing all kinds of creative landscaping and now you’re not sure you’ll have the space? Then we have a feeling you might find the tips you’ll find on Quiet Corner a food resource! They outlined suggestions for small yards that help maximize lawn and plant space, like making space to plant primarily along the edges.

2. Garden design tips for small spaces

Garden design tips for small spaces

Perhaps you live in the kind of house or apartment that has a very limited yard and garden space indeed, so things like landscaping aren’t even options, but you’re still intent on making the space as enjoyable to spend time in as possible? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how They Design provides some ideas, tips, and tricks for getting almost decorative with your green space in order to really give it some personality.

3. Pocket herb garden for balconies

Pocket herb garden for balconies

Perhaps you live in a little apartment high up in the sky and all you actually have to work with is a balcony, so you’re looking for ways to even establish a little bit of low maintenance greenery in the first place? Then we think maybe this adorable vertical herb garden idea from Instructables might be the best one for you! We’re in love with the way they used a hanging shoe rack to make their garden, planting a different herb in each pocket.

4. Mounted vertical succulents

Mounted vertical succulents

Are you feeling quite intrigued indeed with the idea of making some kind of vertical garden, but you’re looking for pieces that are a little more decorative than meant to be used, the way herb gardens are? In that case, we think perhaps you might get along a little better with something like these stunning wall mounted succulent gardens.

5. Small but dreamy garden getaways

Small but dreamy garden getaways