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15 Unique Small Garden Ideas

Now that spring is almost here, we’re already starting to think about new and different ways to improve and redo our garden and yard space once the weather is warmer and a little more dry. This year, however, we’re working with a new space because we moved houses, so we’ve had to adjust our gardening ideas to a much smaller space than we’re used to! That’s why we’ve been looking up tips, tricks, and creative projects that will help us build the nicest little garden space we can in the limited space we have to work with.

1. Landscaping guides for a small lawn

Landscaping guides for a small lawn

Perhaps you actually do have a little bit of lawn space to work with in your small yard but you’re used to doing all kinds of creative landscaping and now you’re not sure you’ll have the space? Then we have a feeling you might find the tips you’ll find on Quiet Corner a food resource! They outlined suggestions for small yards that help maximize lawn and plant space, like making space to plant primarily along the edges.

2. Garden design tips for small spaces

Garden design tips for small spaces

Perhaps you live in the kind of house or apartment that has a very limited yard and garden space indeed, so things like landscaping aren’t even options, but you’re still intent on making the space as enjoyable to spend time in as possible? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how They Design provides some ideas, tips, and tricks for getting almost decorative with your green space in order to really give it some personality.

3. Pocket herb garden for balconies

Pocket herb garden for balconies

Perhaps you live in a little apartment high up in the sky and all you actually have to work with is a balcony, so you’re looking for ways to even establish a little bit of low maintenance greenery in the first place? Then we think maybe this adorable vertical herb garden idea from Instructables might be the best one for you! We’re in love with the way they used a hanging shoe rack to make their garden, planting a different herb in each pocket.

4. Mounted vertical succulents

Mounted vertical succulents

Are you feeling quite intrigued indeed with the idea of making some kind of vertical garden, but you’re looking for pieces that are a little more decorative than meant to be used, the way herb gardens are? In that case, we think perhaps you might get along a little better with something like these stunning wall mounted succulent gardens.

5. Small but dreamy garden getaways

Small but dreamy garden getaways

Are you actually still thinking of how much you liked the idea of using decorative techniques in your tiny green space to turn it into more of a getaway, but you just didn’t see anything along the dreamy, whimsical aesthetic you’re looking for in the resources we showed you earlier? In that case, we’d suggest taking a look at how Domino outlines the way they used fairy lights in their very small yard to give it a simple but stunning, nearly fantasy-like effect.

6. Miniature greenhouse from shelves

Miniature greenhouse from shelves

Maybe some of your favourite plants are the kind that would really flourish if you had access to a greenhouse but the fact of the matter is that you simply don’t have the space to build one of those right now? Then maybe you’d get along a little better with this very resourceful miniature version of a greenhouse that’s perfect for small potted plants! Check out how IKEA recommends following in their footsteps and making yourself one out of an IKEA shelf with glass doors.

7. Hang mirrors to give the illusion of more garden space

Hang mirrors to give the illusion of more garden space

Is your biggest concern with your current little yard actually the fact that it really does feel so small, and you can’t help wondering whether there are ways that you might make it feel just a little bit bigger? In that case, we think you’ll find this trick from Daily Mail very interesting indeed! They suggest hanging mirrors around the edge of your yard to give it the illusion of being a little bit bigger.

8. Build a spiral herb garden

Build a spiral herb garden

Do you actually have a spot in your little yard to work with that you have reserved to build something a little bigger and more decorative so you’re thinking of planting an herb garden, but you’d still like to make it both decorative and space efficient? Then we definitely think you should take a look at the way Balcony Garden Web used stones to build themselves an herb garden plot that spirals upwards, making room for more types of herbs in the tiers (and looking awesome too)!

9. Build a gravel and wooden step path to add depth

Build a gravel and wooden step path to add depth

So long as you have a slope to work with, are you open to putting in quite a bit of hands-on work in your little yard, so long as it helps to make it at least feel like there’s more space? Well, particularly if your garden plot is very narrow, then we think you simply must take a look at the way Style Blueprint used gravel and wood to make a set of steps! Adding depth and levels to the space will detract from how narrow it is by making it feel taller and longer.

10. DIY trellis style privacy screen and planter box

Diy trellis style privacy screen and planter box

In any small space, whether it’s outside or in, creating a bit of division to distinguish between two areas can make it feel a little bit bigger! That’s why we loved this idea from The Whoot for creating a trellis and planter box style divider that not only breaks the garden space up a little but also gives you an additional place to plant even more lovely things.

11. Make your own living wall

Make your own living wall

Did we actually really catch your attention when we started talking about the idea of a trellis because those only take up vertical space, but you can’t help wondering whether theres’s a way to take the concept even further to get even more greenery into the mix? Then it sounds like what you’re really looking for is a stunning DIY plant wall! We’d suggest taking a look at Ideal Home to see how their own “living wall” was made.

12. Fruit basket hanging garden

0054657 jpg

Just in case you’re still looking for interesting and unique hanging garden ideas because, like we mentioned before, all you have to work with is the small vertical space of a hanging balcony, here’s another fantastic idea that’s even more space efficient than a shoe rack! We’re in love with the way The Telegraph suggests using tiered fruit baskets to plant multi-layered herb plots.

13. Build a cinder block wall garden

Build a cinder block wall garden

Do you have a singular wall with space near it that you could feasibly build a garden plot near, but the aesthetic and materiality in your yard is actually quite concrete and industrial inspired? Then maybe you should embrace that and make a garden piece that incorporates the concrete into its own look and space efficiency! That’s precisely what Apartment Therapy did when they added greenery to their yard by creating a low wall of cinder box featuring plants potted in the openings of turned blocks.

14. Hanging pot pallet garden

Hanging pot pallet garden

Perhaps you’re just as in love with the pallet projects trend as we are, if not more, so you’ve been looking for a way to incorporate that into your garden even though you’re still working with a very limited space indeed? In that case, we think you might find that this hanging pot vertical pallet garden outlined step by step on Jenna Burger meets all your needs!

15.  Hanging PVC gutter garden

Hanging pvc gutter garden

Just in case you’re still very interested in making some kind of awesome vertical hanging garden but you just haven’t seen a design that has quite made up your mind yet, here’s another concept for your consideration. Thin gardens in a hanging tiered chain by getting created with a set of PVC pipe gutters!

Have you created other awesome small yard and garden pieces before that really helped you fit in more greenery or make the best of your space, but you don’t see the DIY technique you used on our list? Tell us all about what you made and how you did it or link us to photos of your finished garden in the comments section!

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