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Get Trendy With These 14 Pieces Of Farmhouse Decor

A bit of rustic charm woven throughout your home is truly all the rage. Wooden foundations, textural additions, and neutral tones are ways to create a versatile foundation with just the right amount of contemporary style. We’ve scoured the web and found some wonderful ideas on how to bring that vision to fruition in and around your house. Get trendy with these 14 pieces of farmhouse decor we’ve gathered below!

Collage trendy farmhouse decor

1. Tiered Tray

Farmhouse tiered tray

This metal, tiered tray gives us vintage vibes and there are so many ways to utilize the product. From kitchen organization to your bedroom vanity, you can easily tidy up with its usage. But, it’s also a wonderful piece to use for strict styling purposes while displaying odds and ends.

2. Mason Jar Flower Arrangement

Mason jar flower arrangement

Sprinkling the home with a mason jar flower arrangement is always a good idea. This extra large Ball mason jar has been painted and weathered. You can easily DIY something similar at home or DIY the arrangement to go inside – using fresh or faux florals.

3. Personalized Book Stack

Personalized farmhouse book stack

How sweet is this personalized book stack? It’s wonderful inspiration for a weekend project and a wonderful bout of inspiration for styling your mantles and console tables. You can distress any paint colors as well, not just the classic whites and creams while still fitting in this style.

4. Wooden Floating Shelves

Wooden floating shelves

You can even have some farmhouse feels to your bathrooms. These wooden floating shelves will give you just the right amount of rusticism while helping to keep the space organized and tidy. The designs includes that special mix of wood and metal that we love so much as well.

5. ‘EAT’ Dining Room Wall Art

Eat dining room wall art

Simplicity is one of the keys to a good, farmhouse vision. And the ‘EAT’ dining room wall art that you see in this space is just that – simplicity at its finest. But that doesn’t mean it’s boring. It tops off the space in a chic, clean way with just the right amount of personalization.

6. Authentic Windmill Head

30 inch authentic windmill

Another staple of farmhouse decor is the utilization of antique or vintage pieces. Just look at this authentic windmill head that’s being used as mantle adornment. Check out your local flea markets for similar finds.

7. Painted Vases Wall Sconce

Rustic wall sconce

How charming are these painted vases wall sconces? These are insanely easy to DIY or you can find them in numerous homemade shops. They’re white glass jars attached to wooden boards and then you can top off the final look with your favorite floral arrangement or greenery.

8. Personalized Bathroom Tin

Personalized farmhouse tin

The bathroom really does need attention to detail, especially in the guest space. You want things neat and tidy. That’s where these personalized bathroom tins come in handy. Grab a metal basket and have fun labeling and letting yourself!

9. Mini Eucalyptus Wreath

Mini eucalyptus wreathThese mini eucalyptus wreaths are a great, easy way to bring in freshness and fun into your home. Use these on the doors or in a gallery wall. The extra bouts of green among your many neutral add just the right amount of nature’s charm.

10. Mason Jar Wall Sconces

Rustic wooden wall sconces with mason jars

If you want an extra punch of country flavor, decorate with mason jar wall sconces! Grab some old jars, paint them, distress them, and then add them to some wooden pieces. Change the florals out throughout the seasons.

11. Reclaimed Wooden Stars

Reclaimed wooden stars

We’re loving these reclaimed wooden stars as well. There’s so many different ways to decorate with them. Mantles, walls, outdoor spaces, and even holiday schemes can be adorned by these beauties.

12. Window Family Sign

Window family sign

We love adding decor that creates a homey atmosphere. This window family sign does just that. You can use any phrasing you’d like, but we love how you can use reclaim wood to add even more texture and color variation.

13. Monogrammed Metal Door Wreath

Monogrammed metal wreath

Farmhouse decor isn’t always wood. It can be metal as well – or mixed materials, which is our favorite. Just check out this monogrammed metal door wreath which adds personality and extra curbside appeal.

14. Window Mirror

Window mirror rustic

Old windows can be turned into pieces of inside home decor. In the living room, on the mantles, in the bedrooms, and in the dining room too.  Add some mirrors to those vintage finds to create window mirrors with just the right amount of sophistication.

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