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25 Creative Ways To Trash The Dress

Brides always make a big effort to keep their wedding dresses in tip top shape for the big day. But once that day is over, many women are choosing to do something fun with the dress – trash it! We’re not talking cutting it up… read on to check out 25 different fun ideas.

1. Rainstorm In The Jungle

Jungle rain trash the dress

This couple wore their wedding attire in a dark area of the woods during a rainstorm. A light source was placed behind them, creating a beautiful backlit effect which really accentuated the jungle-like feel of their surroundings. Check it out over at Del Sol Photography.

2. Swimming In A Lake

Romantic trash the dress water

Here, the couple has bravely gone underwater in a lake to achieve this romantic shot that looks like it is straight out of the movies. The key to this effect is to let the train of the dress spread out around the bride. Head over to Karina Medvedev’s Instagram account to check it out.

3. Skiing In The Mountains

Skiing trash the dress

Here’s another creative idea – wear your dress up into the mountains with your skis! In addition to being an incredibly fun and unique theme for a wedding photo, it also provides stunning views thanks to the high elevation. Head over to Steve Z’s website to check out the rest of the photos.

4. Playing In The Waves

Ocean waves trash the dress

If standing on top of a chilly mountain in a strapless gown isn’t your idea of fun, then give this idea a try. Sit with your fiancé on the beach, right where the ocean waves will splash up onto you. Make your way over to Bodas Y Weddings to check it out.

5. Underwater Kiss

Underwater trash the dress

If you’re really feeling daring, give this incredible underwater photo shoot a try. Your photographer will have to have an underwater camera and a healthy dose of courage to try this one. Head on over to Dean Sanderson Weddings to check out more photos of this couple underwater.

6. Laying In The Sand

Laying in sand trash the dress

Here we have a stunning image of a bride laying in shallow ocean water, with her train fanning out around her in a beautiful circular shape. The key to achieving this look is to allow pick a spot where the waves are just barely lapping on the shore. Check it out at Innovias.

7. Graffiti Backdrop

Graffiti wall trash the dress

If you prefer something a bit more edgy, give this urban photo shoot a try. Find a brick wall with lots of colorful graffiti and lounge casually in front of it. The addition of casual sneakers gives it an even more memorable look. Check it out over at Alternativa.

8. Paddle Boarding

Paddle boards trash the dress

This active couple decided to take photos on a pair of stand up paddle boards… and the photographer took it a step further and took the photo with the camera partially underwater. Make your way over to Mon Cheri Bridal to check out this and lots of other ideas.

9. Snowball Fight

Snow ball fight trash the dress

On the other end of the spectrum, this couple went out into the chilly winter weather to take a series of shots in the snow. And of course a snowball fight ensued, making for a great set of photos. Head on over here to check out more of David Meyer’s lovely images.

10. Cliff Jumping

Jumping into ocean trash the dress

And if you’re really feeling daring, give this idea a try… jump off the side of a cliff into the ocean like this brave couple decided to do! The beautiful turquoise waters of Croatia provided a beautiful backdrop for the images too. Check it out right here.

11. Vintage Car Photos

Car hood trash the dress

If you have a vintage car that is meaningful to you, then you’ll probably love this idea. Pop the hood and pose up on the front of the car… what a fun concept! Make your way over to Darby Elizabeth’s website to check out the rest of the fantastic images from this shoot.

12. Red Wine Mess

Red wine trash the dress

If you’re like most brides, you spend most of your wedding day trying to avoid having red wine spilled on your dress. So to do it on purpose makes it even more fun! So grab a couple of wine glasses and head over to Fabulously Wed to check out all of the incredible images from this day.

13. Play In The Mud

Mud trash the dress

This bride didn’t hold back at all, get down and dirty – literally – in a huge pile of mud. Talk about fully committing! The key to this one is to get as dirty as possible. Make your way over to BuzzFeed to check out this and lots of other great trash the dress ideas.

14. Squirt Paint

Squirt paint trash the dress

If you love color, then you might consider using paint to trash the dress. By putting brightly colored paint in quirt bottles, you can achieve the really fun effect shown above. Head on over to Happy Wed to see this image along with tons of other creative ones.

15. Go Puddle Jumping

Puddle jumping trash the dress

You don’t need a large body of water to create amazing trash the dress images… a small pond or even a puddle will do! This couple chose a marshy area and the bride put on a pair of rain boots to add to the effect. Head on over to Poster Jack to check it out.


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