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12 Simple Ways To Jazz up A Classic White Tee

Just like a little black dress, a classic, white tee is a necessity in every man or woman’s closet. And that goes double if you’re into personalized style, because it’s the easiest item to play around with, get your hands dirty with and create something new with! We’ve rounded up some simple ways to jazz up a classic white tee and put your DIYing skills to the test!

1. Peace Signs.

Peace Signs

Get your scissors ready and start cutting. Just look at what you can do with a simple white tee and a pair of shears to create some fun designs. This is the perfect way to create an easy bathing suit cover-up from an old t-shirt!

2. Doily Attachment.

White t-shirt diy

Check out your sewing skills with this DIY idea. Cut a whole and then find a beautiful doily to add to your back! It’s a gorgeous summer look and completely personalized and unique to your closet.

3. Chiffon Insert.

Chiffon Insert

Lengthen some of your shorter shirts with a beautiful chiffon piece of fabric. You’ll need to know how to sew but this is a fairly simple technique to pull-off for even the most novice of crafters.

4. Bolaro Buttons.


This DIY is a bit more in dept but the function is on a whole different level afterwards than of just a tee. The personality is also found in the buttons throughout this design, so get creative!

5. Studded Neckline.

Studded Neckline

All you need is a pack of these studs to get the job done. They’re not glued on or sewed on, instead you just use the prongs to secure them through the fabric!

6. Peplum Ruffle.

Peplum Ruffle

Get our your shears and sewing machine, and get to work. This DIY is a bit more in depth than some of the others on the list. This is truly a transformation at its best.

7. Sprinkles Everywhere.

Sprinkles Everywhere

Craft paint and potato stamps were used to make this adorable t-shirt. Perfect for a summertime birthday party or just a fun DIY project to explore.

8. Crocheted Side.

Crocheted Side

Old, crocheted pieces would certainly come in handy in the creation of a brand new, original tee for your closet! A t-shirt of your own, on its last legs, can get an instant reboot just by some needle and thread.

9. Lace Top.

Lace Top

Just like adding crocheted pieces to the sides of your shirt, you can add pieces of lace. Use antique lace extras or buy some from the craft store, then get to sewing!

10. Bullet Points.

Bullet Points

These modern hardware pieces can be found at your local craft store and added to your t-shirt with ease. If they have prongs attach them right into the fabric, with others, you’ll just need a needle and thread.

11. Sequin Accents.

Sequin Accents

A bit of pop and pizzazz was easily added to this over-sized tee. Perfect for under blazers or cardigans, this may be our favorite idea of the bunch!

11. Halloween Skulls.


Gran your shears again and start cutting! This is such a great way to pay homage to Halloween-time with a subtle, festive look that’s still trendy and complimentary!

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