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15 Things To Throw Away & Clean Out Of Your House NOW

Minimize. De-clutter. Clean up. Organize. Getting rid of “excess” will open up your days in ways that you didn’t realize before. And there are so many things around your home right now, that you DO NOT NEED, whether you feel like you MIGHT in the future or not. Instead of hoarding all of these extra stuff, it’s time to toss it. Here are 15 things to throw away and clean out of your house RIGHT NOW!

1. Expired Food

Throw away expired food

It’s time to go through your pantries and the fridge. You’d be surprised how much food you have hidden in corners that isn’t good anymore. Check expiration dates and throw it out! (photo via Pixabay)

2. Saved Wedding Favors

It’s time to say farewell to all of those doodads you’ve picked up at your pals’ weddings. Whether they’re hidden in the box or in various places around the house, it’s okay to chuck them. You came, you saw, you celebrated, but the favors don’t need to be causing any unnecessary clutter.

3. CD’s

Throw away old cds

They’re probably scratched anyway. All of those CDs you have leftover from a decade ago, you really don’t need them anymore. If you want, move the music files to your computer and then trash them. They’re clutter up offices and bookshelves and it’s not needed anymore! (photo via)

4.  Desk Trinkets

It’s like every friend and family member will end up presenting us with a paperweight or other kind of desk trinkets throughout the birthdays and holidays. And then, before you know it, your desk is filled with trinkets and knick-knacks and not actual supplies. Toss what you don’t love.

5. More Bed Linens Than You Need

Throw away old bed linens

It’s time to go through the linen closet too. You probably have some old sheets, blankets, and even pillowcases that have seen better days. You don’t even have to trash these though, instead, why not donate them? (photo via)

6. All Those Promo Tees

Whether you grabbed some at work, you were given some by friends, or inherited some at a sports game, all of those promo tees are just taking up closet space. Keep a few that you want to work out with or lounge in, and then toss or donate the rest. Your shelves and drawers will thank us.