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22 Different Things To Sew For Christmas This Year

Christmastime is a great time to get your hands dirty with a bit of new, DIYing skills. And one the skills to perfect and practice is sewing! From aprons to pajamas, “tis the season” to create some handmade gifts and personalized decor for all of the festivities. Check out our list and see which of these items you’d like to get started on tonight. We’ve compiled 22 different things to sew for Christmas this year and we think you’ll fall in love with every one of them!

1. Advent Pillow

Christmas Advent Calendar DIY

Serendipity Redefined created this gorgeous DIY-ed advent pillow. It’s a copycat from a design at Pottery Barn and we love how the entire family can get involved with the fun.

2. Nightgown

DIY Christmas Nightgown

Take a peek at this adorable little nightgown from The Crafting Chicks. You’re tiny lady would love this nightie and even better, you can create one for her dolls too!

3. Stocking

Easy Stocking DIY

Learn how to create a funky and festive stocking for everyone in the family with the help of Diary of a Quilter. We love how accented this piece is and how fun the fabric choices were.

4. Tote Bag

DIY Santa Tote Bag

Tis the season to dress with festive charms and this tote bag from CLP will be the perfect accomplice to all your Christmas shopping trips! An elf addition would be quite adorable too, don’t you think?

5. Felt Toy

DIY Felt Christmas Tree Toy

I’m completely in love with this baby Christmas tree toy from Cheri Bobbins – so much so that I’ll be recruiting one of my sewing friends to make it for my own little one this season!

6. Hot Pad

DIY Christmas Hot Pad

Here’s another must-have for the Christmas season. We all need hot pads when those family dinners come to call and you can sew up your own festive creation with the help of Elizabeth Wyatt.

7. Scarf

DIy Christmas Scarf

Flamingo Toes made the perfect wintery scarf. With a mix of plaid and lace you’ll not only be feminine and stylish, but ready for the holidays too!

8. Placemats

DIY Christmas Placemats

Everyone needs placemats at the dining table during holiday dinners! Keep things festive, fun and a bit cleaner with these adorable pieces from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.

9. Tree Skirt

DIy Christmas Tree Skirt

If you’re looking to bring a bit of your handiwork into the holiday decor, then look now further than this project from Just Crafty Enough. We love the easy design and chic style too!

10. Sweater Bags

DIy Christmas Sweater Bags

Whether it’s party favors or homemade gifts, wrap those presents in a beautiful and unique way. A Homemade Living shows us how to create these beauties right in time for the holidays.

11. Busy Apron

DIY Christmas Busy Apron

We’re in love with this busy apron from Jojo and Eloise. Filled with holiday goodies inside, the piece is both functional and interactive!

12. Bottle Cover

Bottle Cover DIY

Martha Stewart gives us a unique idea for covering up the wine and sparkling grape juice bottles and making the party a bit more festive. Create a cover with some Christmastime charm sewn right in.

13. Pillowcase

DIY Christmas Pillowcase

Create a special pillowcase for everyone in the family to enjoy throughout the season with help from Patches. These are one of the most simple sewing projects too – so its perfect for a novice!

14. Chair Covers

DIY Santa Chair Covers

Here’s a unique decor idea that we’re in love with. But it’s even better than just a great idea because thanks to Make It Love It, you can make these covers first!

15. Oven Mitt

DIY Reindeer Oven Mitt

Isn’t this reindeer oven mitt not that most adorable addition to your kitchen this holiday season? Design Dazzle shows us how to get it started!

16. Santa Hat

DIY Santa Hat

Check out the tutorial and the video for this Santa hat over at Fleece Fun. Adorn the family in these Christmastime pieces for them to wear the entire season!

17. Throw Pillows

DIY Christmas Throw Pillow

Some decorative throw pillows are definitely needed throughout the season and CLP made this easy charmer that we can easily replicate right at home!

18. Apron

DIY Christmas Santa Apron

Crazy Little Projects also has ideas to swoon for and that goes double for this adorable Santa apron! Check out the details after the jump!

19. Hand Towels

DIY Christmas Hand Towels

Check out these charming Santa Claus hand towels from Crazy Little Projects! Just grab the sewing machine to make this an easy DIY project.

20. Gift Tags

Super cute handmade fabric gift tags! Personalize them for every holiday too. www.livelaughrowe.com #gifttags

Yes, you can even sew up your gift tags made of fabric. There are actually a plethora of these projects, with this one from Live Laugh Rowe, being one of my favorites.

21. Throw Blanket

DIY Flannel christmas blanket

This flannel throw was made by Let’s Go Sunning and you can easily follow the tutorial and make your own – for yourself or for a family member! We love the fleece and plaid fabrics chosen too for an extra cozy feeling.

22. Pajama Pants

Christmas Pajama Pants DIY

Crazy Little Projects gives us a great tutorial on how to create these adorable pajama pants for our little ones. Just pick out a great Christmastime fabric and get to work!

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