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Airplane Themed Kids Crafts

When it comes to crafting with our kids, we always find that we have the most successful “crafternoons” when we choose to help them make something that’s themed along whatever they’re especially interested in at that time. Being the curious little learners that they are, our kids tend to take an intense interest in something for a while, reading and asking everything about it they can, until they find something else that’s equally interesting to move onto. When we can find them fantastic crafts and DIY projects that are themed after their current interested, they’re always thrilled and everyone has a fantastic time getting creative together! So, what’s their biggest obsession right now, you ask? Our kids are absolutely crazy about airplanes! That’s how we found ourselves researching and bookmarking as many different kinds of kid-friendly airplane crafts as we possibly could.

Just in case you and your kids adore airplanes and all things related to flying as ours are, if not more, here are 15 of the most fun and creative ideas, designs, and tutorials to keep you busy.

1. Craft stick and clothespin airplane

Craft stick and clothespin airplane

Have you always been a huge fan of making things with your kids out of other stuff you’ve already got in your crafting room or around your house because it’s simple, affordable, and your kids like to transform simple supplies? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Making Life Blissful created adorable little wooden airplanes from wooden clothespins and differently sized popsicle style crafting sticks. They show you how to decorate them and add colour using paint or marker, as well as how to glue them all together.

2. Toilet paper roll airplanes

Toilet paper roll airplanes

Are your kids quite interested in the idea of making little crafty supply airplane models, and you even have the crafting or popsicle sticks you’d need to make the one we just showed you above, but you don’t actually have any wooden clothespins lying around and your kids want to craft today, so you don’t have time to run out and get some? In that case, maybe you’d get along a little better with this version from Sunshine Whispers that uses an emptied toilet paper roll as the body of the airplane instead! We love the way they added a colourful plastic bead as the nose of each plane.

3. Paper airplane crafts

Paper airplane crafts

By the time they’ve reached the first grade, every kid has folded paper airplanes in various designs and kinds. Believe it or not, though, those basic origami planes aren’t actually the only kind of paper plane you can make! Just in case your kids are a little older and interested in trying something that’s a bit more of a challenge, and maybe a bit more realistic looking, here’s a fantastic paper model plane tutorial outlined step by step on Paper Magic.

4. Cotton and construction paper airplane

Cotton and construction paper airplane

Are your kids perhaps quite small indeed so you’re looking to keep things quite simple, sticking to cut and paste techniques, but you’d still like to include some kind of unconventional material or extra texture as well if you can, just to keep your kids a little extra interested? Then we’d definitely encourage you to take a look at the way Learn Create Love made these simple construction paper planes that have soft, fluffy pulled cotton ball clouds all around them.

5. Airplane letter craft

Airplane letter craft

If you’re going to get crafty with your kids, especially if the theme of the craft was inspired by their desire to learn, would you actually rather get pretty explicit about that and really make sure the project you’re making is also a learning tool? Well, if your kids are still small enough to be working on learning the alphabet and practicing their letters, then we think we just might have found the perfect airplane project for you! Check out how Kidz Activities made a very impressive looking jet plane that actually features a large letter A to remind the kids as they both create it and play with it that “A stands for airplane”. Word association is a great way to help them learn and remember both letter names and phonetic sounds.

6. Footprint airplane craft

Footprint airplane craft

Have your kids always been the kind of crafty little mess-makers who like to get as hands-on as possible each and every time they make something? Well, what if we told you that you can absolutely help them get messy in order to make fun airplane themed things… but it’s their feet they’ll be using instead? That’s exactly what Trckroi did here in order to create these fantastic footprint airplanes, where your child’s painted footprint is the body of the plane and the wings and propellor are added afterwards using paint, markers, or construction paper cut and paste skills.

7. Recycled bottle airplanes

Recycled bottle airplanes

Are you actually quite intrigued indeed with the idea of making airplanes out of your old recyclables because you love the idea of upcycling rather than just getting rid of things, since you’ve been trying to reduce your carbon footprint and live a little more green? Then we have a feeling this awesome repurposed plastic bottle airplane craft might be right up your alley! You’ll get the satisfaction of producing less waste out of your home while your kids get fun embellished planes to “fly” around your ouse. Get the full details for making some of your own from Housewife Eclectic!

8. Plastic bottle airplane piggy bank

Plastic bottle airplane piggy bank

Just in case you loved the plastic bottle airplane idea we just talked about but you’re also still feeling pretty intent on making your airplane DIY project something your kids can keep using after they’re done crafting it as well, since that’s usually the kind of project they enjoy the most, then here’s another similar idea for you that has a fun extra detail! Check out how DC Bapon Turned their plastic bottle airplane into a piggy bank by making a simple, coin-sized slit in the top. Make the top of the bottle the nose of the plane and screw it off to get the change out when your kids need it!

9. Elastic and ice cream stick airplane

Elastic and ice cream stick airplane

Are you still scrolling through our list and finding yourself thinking about the ideas we’ve already shown you that involved making parts of your DIY toy planes out of crafting or popsicle sticks, but you simply don’t have any of the other supplies those tutorials called for on hand right now, so you’ve been wondering whether you can make something fun with just those sticks? In that case, we think you’ll be pretty pleased indeed to come across the way Mr. Moon these fantastic wooden model planes that are made almost entirely from painted or coloured crafting sticks, except for the elastic band in the middle that actually makes the propellor spin when you wind it!

10. Airplane marshmallow pops

Airplane marshmallow pops

Your your favourite, or perhaps your most refined, DIY skills actually always been rooted in the kitchen because you’re a huge food and treat enthusiast, so you’ve been scrolling through our list and really hoping to come across some kind of avian homemade snack idea? In that case, we think you’ll be very excited indeed to see how Sugartown Sweets made these fantastically fun airplane marshmallow pops that would make a perfect treat at a plane themed birthday party!

11. Cereal box airplanes

Cereal box airplanes

Are you still completely enamoured with the idea of making adorable toy airplanes using upcycled things that you found unused around your house but all you’ve been able to find to spare is an empty cardboard cereal box, rather than popsicle sticks or toilet paper rolls? Then we’ve definitely found the best craft for you! She Knows shows you how to cut out and put together a cute little cardboard paper plane that will actually glide across the room if you throw it just right.

12. Straw and paper plane shooter

Straw and paper plane shooter

Did we really peak your attention when we started talking about DIY and crafting projects that are fun to make and also fun to keep playing with afterwards, because you like that they’re double purpose and that they keep your kids busy and happy for a little longer? In that case, we think you just might be the perfect kind of family to try your hands at making these super fun plastic straw and paper airplane shooters featured on Inspired By Family Mag. Slide the paper rolled “airplane” onto the end of the straw, take aim, and blow down the free end of the straw to send the plane flying! Our kids like to play target practice with theirs.

13. Paper hoop glider

Paper hoop glider

Have the ideas we’ve shown you so far on our list that have caught your attention the best definitely been the ones that will actually fly (or, at least, glide) across the room because you think your kids will find those exciting and you also like that they’re an opportunity to learn a big of basic, simple physics? Well, if function is a lot more important to you and your kids than looks, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Crazy Russian Hacker made these fantastic paper hoop gliders that will really slide through the air! They might not look like cool jet planes like some of the other ideas, but we promise they’re very fun to use and cool to watch once they’re flying.

14. Candy and gum airplanes

Candy and gum airplanes

Perhaps the whole reason you’re looking up DIY airplane ideas is because your aviation obsessed kids are having some of their friends over for a crafting slumber party and you think these kinds of crafts would be an awesome way to keep them busy? Well, we’re sure they’d enjoy making just about anything you’ve seen so far on this list, but if you’d like to give them a little extra treat, we’d be willing to bet that they’ll get the biggest kick out of the way Momma D And Da Boyz made these fantastic little planes out of gum and candy! Sure, they don’t fly, but we think that’s balanced out by the fact that you can actually eat them.

15. Super flying paper jet plane

Super flying paper jetplane

Did we perhaps really catch your attention when we started talking about ways to make awesome paper airplanes using a few basic folding techniques, but you’re actually quite used to make origami based crafts with your kids, so you think they’re ready to take on a bit more of a challenge than what you’ve seen so far? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Craft Books for Kids made this fantastic and rather impressive looking paper fighter jet in surprisingly few simple steps.

Do you know a fellow crafter or DIY enthusiast who has little kids that adore airplanes just as much as ours do, if not more? Share this post with them so they have all kinds of fantastic new themed crafts to try making together!

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