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Airplane Themed Kids Crafts

When it comes to crafting with our kids, we always find that we have the most successful “crafternoons” when we choose to help them make something that’s themed along whatever they’re especially interested in at that time. Being the curious little learners that they are, our kids tend to take an intense interest in something for a while, reading and asking everything about it they can, until they find something else that’s equally interesting to move onto. When we can find them fantastic crafts and DIY projects that are themed after their current interested, they’re always thrilled and everyone has a fantastic time getting creative together! So, what’s their biggest obsession right now, you ask? Our kids are absolutely crazy about airplanes! That’s how we found ourselves researching and bookmarking as many different kinds of kid-friendly airplane crafts as we possibly could.

Just in case you and your kids adore airplanes and all things related to flying as ours are, if not more, here are 15 of the most fun and creative ideas, designs, and tutorials to keep you busy.

1. Craft stick and clothespin airplane

Craft stick and clothespin airplane

Have you always been a huge fan of making things with your kids out of other stuff you’ve already got in your crafting room or around your house because it’s simple, affordable, and your kids like to transform simple supplies? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Making Life Blissful created adorable little wooden airplanes from wooden clothespins and differently sized popsicle style crafting sticks. They show you how to decorate them and add colour using paint or marker, as well as how to glue them all together.

2. Toilet paper roll airplanes

Toilet paper roll airplanes

Are your kids quite interested in the idea of making little crafty supply airplane models, and you even have the crafting or popsicle sticks you’d need to make the one we just showed you above, but you don’t actually have any wooden clothespins lying around and your kids want to craft today, so you don’t have time to run out and get some? In that case, maybe you’d get along a little better with this version from Sunshine Whispers that uses an emptied toilet paper roll as the body of the airplane instead! We love the way they added a colourful plastic bead as the nose of each plane.

3. Paper airplane crafts

Paper airplane crafts

By the time they’ve reached the first grade, every kid has folded paper airplanes in various designs and kinds. Believe it or not, though, those basic origami planes aren’t actually the only kind of paper plane you can make! Just in case your kids are a little older and interested in trying something that’s a bit more of a challenge, and maybe a bit more realistic looking, here’s a fantastic paper model plane tutorial outlined step by step on Paper Magic.

4. Cotton and construction paper airplane

Cotton and construction paper airplane

Are your kids perhaps quite small indeed so you’re looking to keep things quite simple, sticking to cut and paste techniques, but you’d still like to include some kind of unconventional material or extra texture as well if you can, just to keep your kids a little extra interested? Then we’d definitely encourage you to take a look at the way Learn Create Love made these simple construction paper planes that have soft, fluffy pulled cotton ball clouds all around them.