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15 Different Ways To Decorate Your Pumpkins This Fall

We’re all dreaming about our Halloween costumes this year, but what about your pumpkins that greet everyone on the front steps? We’ve rounded up some of the best, most creative, and even the most beautiful of ideas. Check out these 15 different ways to decorate your pumpkins this fall and share your creations with us!

1. Sequin Pumpkins

Diy sequin pumpkins 2

Sugar & Cloth breathed new life into their pumpkins by adding polka-dotted sequins to them. Keep them orange and use different colors or paint them neutral and use metallic shades. We love this girly route to take.

2. Rainbow Confetti Pumpkin

Rainbow confetti pumpkin

A bit of washi tape could help you out at as well. Over at Made With Happy you’ll learn how to create a confetti-inspired pumpkin to deck out your front door with. The kiddos will love this one.

3. Marbled Indigo

Diy marbled indigo pumpkins

This design from Alice & Lois fits right into the current trends. Marble is on the rise and it’s the perfect way to decorate your pumpkin this year. And this indigo color is a beauty!

4. Ice Cream Cone Pumpkin

Ice cream pumpkin

Why not turn your pumpkins into ice cream cones? Perfect for unique decor or events, you can find all the details behind this fun idea by visiting Martha Stewart.

5. Gold Leaf Pumpkin

Gold leaf patterned pumpkin

We’re loving this design because it fits right in with the Halloween season and it’s still really fashion forward. The geniuses at Brit + Co painted their pumpkin black and then used gold leafing to bring it to life. Grab the deets after the jump.

6. Chalkboard

Chalkboard pumpkins diy

Grab the chalkboard paint and turn your pumpkin into something sweet for your farmhouse home. We love this easy idea from Better Recipes and it’s one that’s really easy to personalize as well. From kitchen designs to front step greetings, there’s a lot of different ways for this one to go.

7. Flower Pot Pumpkin

Flower pot pumpkin

You can turn your pumpkins into flower vases as well. All you have to do is check out the tutorial from Handmade Charlotte. And then, fill it with seasonal florals or ones that match the autumn event you’re hosting.

8. Frozen “Elsa” Pumpkin

Disney frozen elsa pumpkin

We found the perfect project for you and your little gal. A Pumpkin & a Princess will walk you throughout all of the fun and festive steps it takes to create an Elsa-inspired pumpkin.

9. Sugar Skulls

Sugar skull pumpkins

Brit + Co showcased some beautiful sugar skull pumpkins that got our creative juices flowing. Grab the paints and start using your imagination to concoct something extra festive for the season. Let the kids join in on the fun too.

10. Golden Doily Pumpkins

Gold doily pumpkins

You may need to paint them, but doilies can be a great addition to your pumpkin decor this year. We’re really in love with this neutral design. Check it out at 17 Apart.

11. Ombre Spiderwebs

Spiderwebs pumpkins

Plaid Online showcased these spiderweb pumpkins and we fell in love. They’re perfect for Halloweentime and they’re stylish too. You could even add a plastic spider to complete the “spooky” look.

12. House Address Pumpkin

House address pumpkin

Grab your paints and create a chic front door look for the house. Style and Cheek went with a gold and black combination and then used them to display the the home address. It’s perfect especially if you’re having any kind of guests over throughout the season.

13. Whitewashed Pumpkin

White washed pumpkins

Tidbits had these whitewashed pumpkins featured and we love the trendy style here too. It’s perfect for subdued homes with a farmhouse quality or those with a more cottage vibe. Check out the tutorial after hopping on over.

14. Donut Pumpkin

Donut pumpkins

Turn your pumpkin into a donut, because, well, why not? Get the scoop over at Studio DIY. And grab some mini pumpkins too for the little ones to paint their own editions.

15. Floral Decoupage Pumpkin

Diy decoupage pumpkin

And then you can visit Brit + Co just one more time to grab the instructions behind this beautiful floral pumpkin. It’s a decoupage pumpkin that’s perfect for displaying in an artisy, trendy home but also speaks of the season as well.

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